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How to Get the Best Night’s Sleep You Ever Had

You need a daily dose of your zzzs. Everyone wants to hit the sack after a hectic day.

Sleep is a vital element of energy, work productivity, and mental and physical agility. Regardless of this fact, more people are getting less sleep than ever before.

In a recent survey, 50% of participants interviewed say that they aren’t getting quality sleep, compared with 30% in 2017 and 35% in early 2018. With such an outbreak going around, it’s crucial that you get quality sleep so that you can start your day with rejuvenated and recharged energy.

Here’s 5 quick steps to improve sleep.

Your Bed

Do you wake up with back or neck pain?

When lying in your bed, do you feel ridges or springs beneath the surface?

Steer clear of the ‘Seven Year Hitch’ – this is the particular stage at which existing mattresses may still look great but are starting to provide less support than the new ones.

If you have problems with your mattress, then can certainly help you buy one.

Your Lifestyle

Twenty-first-century living is overly busy, topsy-turvy and jam-packed with technologies.

At bedtime, many watch videos or fun content on our smartphones, radio, TV and social websites feed. Almost all this non-stop excitement triggers chaos while we try to drift off.

Switch off your phone a few hours before going to bed – also your TV, radio or any gaming device.

Reduce the high intensity of light in your room by using dimmer buttons or low wattage lights.

Anxiety and Worry

Researchers have found a connection between stress and rhythm of sleep. If you are stressed, your heartbeat increases, which in turn causes your brain to ‘race’, too.

CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) can certainly help ‘unlearn’ negative thoughts through intellectual treatment.

Your Bedroom

A peaceful, clean and welcoming bed will bring a more rewarding night’s sleep.

Be sure that your room is dimly lit and has a room darkening drape (an eye mask can be a cheaper option). Your room shouldn’t be too cold or too hot.  Approximately 16-18° C (60-65° F) is usually recommended.

Your Diet

Don’t pig out at night.

When it comes to getting a peaceful night’s sleep, the drink or food you consume may have a radical effect on your brain. The best food items to eat for a quality sleep are milk products, cherries, poultry and grain. Alcohol, curry and fatty meat are some of the not-so-good choices to eat at night.

Never eat after 9.30 pm, because late meals won’t allow you to sleep like a rock.

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