How to Have Fun as an Entrepreneur

There are more than 528 million entrepreneurs in the world, however very few find the success that they dream of. In fact, it’s one of the most stressing jobs in the world.

Any job or business will stress you out if taken too seriously. In fact, in the US alone, 50% of companies fail in the first five years and 70% fail after a time period of 10 years for a multitude of reasons.

You must know how to have fun while at work so that you don’t end up stressed. This, of course, does not mean reduced productivity.

Let’s have a look at some tips on how entrepreneurs can have fun while at work:

Bring Passion Into Your Business
Being an entrepreneur, it’s important to find your passion and blend it into your business.

The prime example of it is laid out by the founder of the Virgin Group, Richard Branson who brought his passion for adventure into his business. This led his business to new heights. Why? Because he and his team was having fun while operating the business.

Another example we have before us is Steve Jobs. His idea was to make the workplace a fun place and provide employees with a luxurious environment so that they get more passionate about their work.

You can do the same and take entrepreneurship to a new level.

Celebrate Small Wins
You need to celebrate with your team regardless of how big or small the achievement is.

This helps keep the morale and can also improve loyalty among employees.

Take Breaks
Whether you’ve just started out or have spent a good few years handling your business, taking breaks should be on your mind because it keeps the fun element alive in your work life.

Taking breaks not only helps you get relief from work stress and clear your mind but also gives you the opportunity to rejuvenate.

The recipe to having fun is to take a break when you are stressing out. You can travel to an exotic place such as a beach resort to relax and freshen up. This will help you focus better.

Do Things Differently
Jason Bockman, the founder of Strange Donuts, wanted to attract people in a fun way so he arranged a tournament and made 200 people compete for a donut eating competition. The idea was innovative and became a huge success.

The basic concept was only to promote his business but he decided to do it differently instead of going traditional and marketing through typical channels.

You don’t have to follow what’s in the books. Instead, use your own imagination and think out of the box. PowerJackMotion linear actuators can be a good example as well.

The company sells a very boring product but it markets it very creatively which helps sell large volumes of actuators.

Every entrepreneur is looking for a fast track that can lead him/her to success but among all the hard work, they forget to have fun which can affect their level of growth. Therefore, one should seek time from work hours and try to have some fun.

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