How to Make Your Home Safer and More Accessible for Aging Parents

As your parents age gracefully, there may come a time when you will need to provide them with profound care and support. It is a natural progression wherein you will play a big role in their lives by offering them care. Many parents arrange for retirement for themselves, but in some cases, children have to bring their parents home to live with them for various reasons.

If you’re also one of them thinking of bringing your aging parents home, we understand the step is considerate yet challenging. It means you have set up your home to make it safe and easy for your parents to stay. In other words, you will have to accommodate their needs. But fear not! As challenging as it may sound, trust us, it is way easier.

In this article, we mention a breakdown of the things you need to work on to make sure the home is ready for multigenerational living. After reading this piece, you will be ready to transform your home into a safe and accessible place for your parents and yourself.

So, what is the wait for? Let us dig in!

Prepare a Bedroom For Them

The first thing that anyone needs for themselves is a bedroom. It is a safe place where they rest and spend their time. If you have an extra bedroom, it’s nice, but if you don’t, then what could be the solution? Well, ADU construction is the answer to it. You can plan on constructing an ADU for your parents.

Interestingly, while designing an ADU for aging parents, you can integrate all the things solely for their use and comfort. For example, it can be single-level living for safety purposes and have wide doorways so there is enough light in the room. Likewise, you may also add lever-style door knobs for easy accessibility.

Modify the Bathrooms

Another important thing to consider is ensuring that the house’s bathrooms are ready and secure for the elderly. It means you need to work on making them slip-resistant, proper lighting, and trip-proof.

For this, you can install bath mats inside the bathroom to ensure your parents do not slip while bathing. Likewise, you may want to renovate the flooring to an anti-slip one. Additionally, ensure there are proper lights on. Along with the fancy lights, add one tube or bulb that can lighten the room for clear visibility.

Also, if there are any paints, pots, or other decor items that may pose a threat to your parents, you should remove them. Alternatively, you can place them in a way that they do justice to decor and also don’t act as hurdles for your parents.

Furniture and Accessibility

When it comes to creating a safe space for your aging parents, you need to think about furniture and accessibility. In simple words, your furniture choices can make a lot of difference in their lives. So, you should opt for furniture that offers stability and support. For example, pick sofas with high seats and broad armrests for their comfort. Likewise, you may also go for recliner chairs with built-in lift options; it is the ultimate comfort idea.

In addition, you should go for round-shaped furniture, especially in areas where they spend most of their time. Make sure the pathways are clear and easily accessible. If they use a wheelchair by chance, you should have ramps for them to roam around easily. Simply put, each small thing in your house needs to be thought through and modified to make sure your parents feel safe and cared for.

Assistive Technology

Technology plays a vast role in making your home safe for anyone and everyone. Installing tech tools in the home can make it easier for your parents to live. For example, using security systems with remote control will ensure they are safe when you are not around.

Likewise, you may install smoke and carbon detectors to keep them safe in an uncalled-for fire situation. Moreover, you can also install medical alert systems that notify you and the healthcare in emergency situations.

The main aim is to utilize tech advancements to secure your home for your aging parents and ensure proper care.

Bottom Line

Transforming your home into a safe place for your aging parents is a sign of love and commitment towards them. It is not easy, but it is worth doing for your parents. As mentioned above, you need to consider each part of your house and make the required modifications.

Even the smallest change in your home can mean the world to them. Be it accessibility or living conditions, the deeper you think, the more loved your parents will feel. So, for the love of your parents, plan and implement the changes.



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