How to Pick the Perfect Bar Stools

A bar inside your house can help you feel relaxed after a grueling day at the office. It would be nice to sip on your favorite drink while sitting comfortably on your barstool. If you plan to install a bar in your home, you should also consider picking the perfect bar stools to match your home’s overall design scheme. Here are tips for picking the right one for your home:

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bar Stool for Your Home

Choose Your Desired Height

In choosing a bar stool, you must determine the right height for your bar space. Most stools range from 24 inches to 30 inches in height, and you should aim for a stool that’s about 10 inches lower than the countertop of your bar. You also have an option to choose a swivel bar stool that can be adjustable in height.

Factor In Aesthetics and Comfort

It would be best to consider how barstools can look and feel great while factoring in how it will match your home and your bar. Finding a perfect barstool can be difficult, especially when there are so many options on the market. There are bar stools with low and high backs, stools with and without arms, backless models, memory swivel or half swivel, and those with 360-degree swivel. Take these factors into consideration and choose what works best for your home.

Stylish Design

Most people will notice the style of the bar stool first. You may choose those that match the interior decoration of your home. Consider the upholstery, colors, material of the frame, and the overall dynamics. A bar stool’s color should accentuate your bar design, whether you have bright or pastel shades of paint. If you want a clean room design and decor, you may choose bar stools with a modern and minimalist design, with brushed metal frameworks.

You may opt for an exude pub-like bar stool design if you have a bachelor pad. Those with a dark brown finish on the frame and with leather seats can show elegance and sophistication. If you want a retro-style bar stool, look for the ones that are brightly colored and attractive leather or vinyl seats.

Think About Function

Part of your project in finding the right barstool is considering its function. Some barstools can be additional seating for your living area or a part of a media area if you are having a party. Your bar can also serve as your child’s homework or project station. If there are no other places in your home that your kids can do their homework, you could let them use your bar for a while. With this in mind, maybe you should also consider a barstool that has a higher backrest and is safe enough that your children won’t fall.

Search for a Perfect Fit

Find out the space needed when you place a set of barstools in your bar. There are references that you can research standard spacing for your knees, seating distance, and height, which will help you decide the perfect barstool for your bar. You should also consider the people you think would use your bar. There are chances that you know people who are tall, short, thick, and thin, which you must ensure they are all welcome to sit comfortably at your bar. You may want to sit on the bar stool to make sure it is comfortable and that it doesn’t feel awkward while enjoying your drink or meal.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Bar Space

Now that you’ve got the tips for choosing the perfect bar stool, you can now start designing your bar space. Before you go all in, make sure that you know the common mistakes that you should avoid. Here are some of them:

Not Factoring In Bar Space Plan

Before you even buy your bar stools, you have to check if your desired height and number of bar stools would actually fit in your bar space. You should have a construction plan that you should follow to make sure that everything will go smoothly as possible.

Poor Material Choice

When creating your home bar, you should always think about quality. Invest in high-quality materials so that you can enjoy your bar for a long time. You have to factor in the number of drinks and machines that you will put on the bar table. If it’s going to take up a lot of space, you have to build your table with the right materials so it won’t topple off. The design of the bar should also factor in here. You don’t want to design it with substandard materials that will make it look cheap.

Lack of Storage Space

When designing your bar space at home, you also have to factor in your storage. Forgetting it means having to deal with a cluttered space that will only make it harder for you to relax and enjoy your drink. Consider adding ample storage to make your bar space easy on the eyes.

Bad Lighting

In most cases, lighting is the one design that you would likely forget to think about when designing your bar space. Your choice of lighting will depend on the area of your bar. You also have to consider the mood that you would like to achieve when you spend your time just unwinding in your space. If you would usually stay in your bar after working hours, it would be nice to incorporate mood lighting. However, you should also set up some good lighting for when you have friends coming over and share a bottle or two with you.

Take Your Time

Making your bar a nice place to unwind can be difficult, as it becomes one of your interior decoration highlights. Remember to match your barstools carefully with the design of your bar. You may ask professional designers for help to make sure you will not go wrong in choosing.

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