How to Prepare Your Home for the Movers?

Moving is a huge task that requires a lot of preparation. From planning for relocation to packing up all the boxes to organizing everything, you need to do a lot of moving tasks before the movers reach your home. All the moving-related jobs are needed to complete on a priority basis, you can’t leave any certain job. Also, you have to prepare your home for movers. Don’t wait until the last minute. Don’t just think that you have hired movers thus you are completely free. There are certain tasks that you have to do for yourself.

Check out these tips:

Properly pack your things and label moving boxes
If packing services are not hired by you then it is your responsibility to properly pack your stuff before the arrival of movers. Get qualitative packing supplies such as bubble wraps, packing paper, and duct tape, plastic bins, pouches, dividers, etc., and different types of moving boxes before you start packing. You will need hard, sturdy cardboard boxes of different sizes for packing stuff for each room of your house. After you pack do remember to label those moving boxes with their specific destination so that movers know exactly where things have to be placed at your new home.

Clear the paths
The best national movers in the network of Pricing Van Lines explain that you should pay attention to all the obstacles present in between the path of the corridors and everywhere to ensure a secure moving process. Remove not just the large items but also the small ones else it could lead to the risk of injury too because it causes movers can slip or fall with heavy items. If you clear all the pathways, it will also save the time of the movers.

Prepare your home for movers
You must prepare your old as well as new home before the actual moving day. No one wants to drag the dirt from their old home to their new home. Therefore, clean your house and also, dust off your furniture and electronic items before moving them to the new place. It is recommended to place large traps on the entryway so that there is no tracking of mud through the entry door. The last thing that one wants is to get injured on their moving day. It is necessary to clear any obstacles from the way of professional movers so that they can easily haul your stuff out of your house.

Have enough cash for tipping movers
You should have enough cash in your hands because you might need the amount anytime on moving day. Your movers have given you satisfying services, they have made you happy with their satisfying services then it is time to show your appreciation to them by tipping them.

Think about the parking place for moving trucks
This is a simple but important detail that is often overlooked when preparing for the movers. But this is the first thing that your movers might be thinking about on the reallocation day. The driver of your moving truck might call you on a moving day to ask where the truck is to be parked. So, you must think about the parking spot for moving trucks in advance. If you do not own your parking space then you will have to take the permission of the local municipal corporation to access the shared parking.

Reserve an elevator for the moving time
If there is a need to use an elevator to load items into the moving truck then to save the time of professionals, you should apply for an elevator reservation for a specific period as per the requirement. You need to apply it for at least two to three weeks before. Else movers will need more time to load items and you know that they charge according to time and complexity therefore you need to pay them more for the same job.

Hiring a babysitter for kids and a pet sitter for pets
Juggling with small children and pets on an exhausting moving day isn’t a good idea. With movers in your home, it will be difficult to keep an eye on kids and pets. And you don’t want your kids and pets running around and getting injured on reallocation day. This is the very reason that you should hire a babysitter and pet sitter to take care of your children and pets.

All the packed boxes should fit the doorways
Just imagine the scenario when the packed boxes do not fit into the door and these need to unpack again. This will ruin the entire moving experience and it would not be possible to move on the same day. So make sure all the furniture items that are required to load into moving truck and the boxes can easily be transported from all pathways.  

Bottom line
Ensure that your home is mover’s ready and they can easily perform their job of loading all your stuff. The more you make it easy for the professionals, the swifter will be the relocation process. You can save time, efforts and money by taking a few additional steps towards your moving plan.



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