How To Renovate On A Budget: 10 Tips To Make A Big Impact

If you are considering the idea of renovating your house, you’re in the right place. This guide will show you 10 tips on how you can do it on a budget. You may be doing this to make the place look better or have intentions to sell it.

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With that said, let’s get started.

Decide on a budget

The size of the home may play a role in determining your budget. Another determining factor will be the number of rooms that you’ll want to renovate. It’s always a good idea to determine a price and even at anywhere from 15 to 20 percent extra in the event of any unexpected costs that may rise.

Your budget will need to be firm and you’ll want to stick with it. Now that it’s set and ready to go, let’s move on.

Find the supplies and materials you need

Once your budget is set and ready, you’ll now need to find the supplies and materials you’ll want to include in your project. If you are looking for something that’s cost effective, then you’ll want to go with things that are recycled or have been lightly used.

Newer and higher quality supplies and materials will usually be higher priced. But if you’ve got the cash, have at it.

Do what you can

There are some projects you can do by yourself. And there may be some that will be left up to the professionals. So do what you can do on your own accord.

When the time comes, you can hire a contractor for the projects that need to be done. Keep in mind that there are contractor fees and other charges that you will need to pay.

Invest in debris disposal

You don’t want any discarded materials laying around in your house. So it might make sense to rent a dumpster so you can be able to make disposal a lot easier. If you are renovating your home or cleaning stuff out, a 20 yard dumpster will be the best option.

Make plans for cosmetic changes

Are you planning on repainting the kitchen cabinets? Or maybe repainting the bedrooms? It may be a good idea to decide on what cosmetic changes you want to make on the house.

These will be minor and the most cost effective of the project. It’s possible to spend no less than $50 just for making minor changes to the kitchen. However, you may be spending more if you are replacing the kitchen cabinets or doing a full on renovation.

While the changes are small, it can go a long way. These small changes may coincide with the larger changes you may have planned.

Consider major renovations as well

Major renovations are a must if you want to upgrade the value of your home. This may be the no-brainer option if you plan on selling your house and want to command a higher price point. Before you decide on whether or not this is necessary, consider comparing the estimated selling price.

What would the price be if the home was as-is compared to after the renovation process? The answer will be that a renovated version of your home may be more in price. So if you want that extra cash, it may be time to put in the work.

Make careful room by room decisions

Planning on renovating the kitchen? Keeping the bedrooms as is? It’s important that you decide which rooms will be renovated and which ones will stay as they are.

The more rooms you plan on renovating, the more money you’re probably going to end up spending. Among some of the more common rooms that get renovated include the kitchen and bathroom. It’s up to you to make the decision on if they are included in the renovation plans or not.

Don’t make changes to the layout

If there is one thing you can do to save money, it’s keeping the layouts of the rooms you want to renovate as is. Making such changes can be costly and it might be confusing for members of your household.

They may be so used to where one closet is and they’ll forget it’s in a new place. So if there is one thing that will need to stay as it is regardless, the layout of the rooms you plan on renovating are one of them.

Have a temporary space made

If one room is renovated and it serves a major purpose, you’ll need to have a temporary space set up. If you have more than one bathroom and one of them is being renovated, the other will need to serve as the primary until the project is finished.

If you have only one bathroom, you may need to set one up in your basement. Granted, this one will be a temporary option. If you need professional help in doing this, you’ll want to find a plumber that will get the job done so you won’t have to do anything by yourself.

Be creative and have fun

There are plenty of ideas to consider when it comes to renovating. You can be creative and have fun with it. After all, it’s a project that should be exciting and not boring and stressful. Also, give yourself a few ideas on what your renovations will look like.

Do a sketch or a mock-up of the kitchen. Will it look better with an island in the middle? Will a glass shower look better in your bathroom than the current set up?

Remember to keep within your budget. But don’t let that stifle your creativity.



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