How To Safely Remove Temporary Tattoos

Your temporary tattoo is a great way to show team spirit or just to show off a bit of your personality. While they do not often last very long, you may still find that you have the need to remove yours a lot sooner than it would take for the temporary tattoo to fade with time. Perhaps you need to remove the temporary ink from your skin prior to returning to work or school, or perhaps you have an important event or family photos to consider.

The good news is that there are a number of effective and safe methods of removing it, no matter where they are placed. Depending on the age of the temporary piece of art, it might take a bit more work to get it completely removed.

An exfoliating scrub and wash

If your tattoo is a few days old and has already started to fade, you’ll find that any coarse body scrub can help you to effectively remove the ink. A good sugar scrub, with just a bit of rubbing, will make short work of any remaining parts of it.

In the absence of a good scrub, you may find that a washcloth or body loofah can do the job just as well. Apply a drop or two of baby oil to your skin prior to scrubbing, and you’ll find that the tattoo will readily dissolve. Olive or coconut oils are a good substitute if you do not have any baby oil on hand.

Be sure to use a soothing lotion on your skin after removing the tattoo, so as to avoid any drying out and redness of the skin.

The peeling method

This method is a good option, particularly if the tattoo is somewhat new and is on the larger side. For this method, you will need clear tape. This could include small roll tape or the larger packing tape. It should be noted that painters or duct tapes will not be as effective for removing temporary tattoos.

Cut a piece of clear tape from the roll; it should be large enough to completely cover the tattoo. Place it over the tattoo and press down firmly so that the tacky tape is able to adhere to the surface of the temporary ink.

Once you’ve rubbed the tape onto the tattoo, simply peel it back. The tattoo will peel off easily as you pull back the tape. Keep in mind that you may need to repeat this process a time or two, depending on the size and the quality of the tattoo.

Nail polish remover

Using acetone, which is the primary ingredient used in many nail polish removers, can be particularly effective if you’ve sealed your temporary tattoo using clear nail polish remover. Simply dab a bit of the remover solution onto a cotton ball and rub it across the tattoo.

The temporary ink should start to lift off almost immediately. You may need to use a second cotton ball, particularly if you are removing larger or any type of custom temporary tattoos.

Rubbing alcohol, dabbed onto a cotton ball or washcloth, can also be an effective means of removal.

Be sure that you thoroughly rinse the area with soap and water, and then use a good moisturizer so that you can avoid redness and other types of skin irritation.

Cold cream, or make-up remover

Cold cream is a staple part of many a beauty regime. What you might not know is that this cream can help you to remove your temporary tattoo. Simply apply a liberal amount of cream to the tattoo, and make sure that it is fully covered. Allow the cold cream to be absorbed by your skin, for at least an hour.

After the hour you can use a wet and warm washcloth to easily wipe and rinse away the temporary ink.

Use the same steps if you are going to use make-up remover to rid yourself of the temporary tattoo.

Regardless of the method that you plan on using to safely remove the temporary tattoo, you’ll appreciate being able to readily add another back when the mood strikes.



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