How to Style Your Jewelry to Enhance Your Look

Wearing jewelry is a real pleasure for women. Many times, they are attached to their jewelry because it is associated with major life events. Women wear jewelry to enhance their overall look or to show their status, and this has occurred for centuries. Jewelry trends come and go. But some trends are timeless. The most important thing to remember is to be aware of what is considered proper attire for each function and choose jewelry accordingly.  Wearing jewelry is an art, and everyone does not possess its skills. Knowing how to wear jewelry can be tricky.  Here is a tutorial of how to accessorize for different occasions.

1.Necklaces and Chokers

Chokers are back!  If you are in love with chokers then you are in luck because they are on-trend this year. This accessory is making a comeback from the 90s.  Many actresses are appearing on the streets with chokers adorning their necks. These cute chokers add style and versatility to your look. You can wear a choker whether you’re going on a date, a business trip, office, or a friend’s party.  You can even pair it with a casual dress and look elegant and stylish.

You can wear a simple skirt and tank top and complete your look with a choker and sunglasses. You can also go for a chambray skirt, black ankle boots, and a black choker. It looks good on almost any outfit.

2. Earrings

Like chokers and necklaces, earrings are one of those jewelry items that ladies cannot be without. A woman cannot imagine being dressed up without a pair of earrings. Women collect every color, shape, size, material, and earring design in their jewelry boxes, so sometimes it can become a challenge to pick perfect jewelry that coordinates with your outfit.

If you are dressing for the office, keep things simple. Studs are the best choice to pick for an office look. Small hoop earrings are perfect when you need to look glamorous without being obvious. Your earrings play a role in a make or break look.

Wearing brown earrings with a black top becomes instantly apparent and will distract others from the rest of your look. If you are wearing white, green, or blue, choose to wear earring colors to highlight the shade of your dress.

Wearing embellished earrings for a special occasion adds style. Also, when wearing heavy makeup, a pair of earrings can help you balance your overall look.

3. Modern Anklets

Anklets are the new upcoming trend, and anklet obsession is high these days.  You can wear a sterling silver anklet for both casual and formal occasions. Be careful when you choose to wear an anklet; it should be visible and not compete with your clothing.

Ankle bracelets can enhance the beauty of your legs and outfits. They come in various sizes and styles which highlight both personality and femininity.

Your anklet should feel comfortable resting just below the ankle bone. It is your choice whether you wear it on one or both ankles, but most girls prefer to wear only one.

4. Rings

Your jewelry says a lot about you. The type of accessories you choose, the design, material, and the gemstone complete your personality.  Wearing a ring portrays different meanings depending on the finger you choose to wear it. There are many ring styles you can choose from including a three stone ring, solitaire ring, cluster ring, stack ring, cocktail ring, and geometric ring.

So, what is your favorite jewelry to wear? Look among your pieces, choose carefully, and don’t be afraid to have fun!

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