How to Tell Your Wife You Want a Divorce

All men are different. If you are wondering how to tell your wife you want a divorce; chances are you won’t find a really good script to use that will make the ‘event’ painless and easy! No matter how much a wife dislikes her husband or how many times she has dreamed of hearing those exact words; she will hit the roof when her husband tells her he wants OUT! That is just how wives (and women) in general are! It isn’t because their husband is irreplaceable or the most amazing man they have ever met that causes the flaming reaction; it is the fact that most wives in general spend a lot of their married life trying to accommodate, please and work around the misfit man in their life to make the marriage tolerable. Then suddenly; HE WANTS OUT! The wife is simply upset because they wish they thought of it first and because they are the ones being dumped!

There are a lot of men who don’t sit around thinking about how to tell their wife they want a divorce; they simply make it a point to show her! They act disrespectful and rude; purposely unattractive and slovenly and even stretch their necks out to peer at the peeps on other women. They might open the door to a restaurant for another lady and as soon as she passes through, walk in behind her and allow it to close on their own wife! Some men begin leaving the bathroom door open in the mornings and become so intent on turning a women off that they may even ask their wife to bring them extra toilet paper should they be running low. Men begin to shave with the sole purpose of leaving all of those little irritating and gross hairs in the basin of the sink rather than do what normal’ husbands do; rinse them down the drain.

If none of these tactics work they might take it a few steps further; staying out all night without calling or not showing up for lunch dates. They may leave phone numbers for other women lying in obvious places around the home or start sleeping on the couch for no apparent reason. When they notice that you are mad or upset, rather than try to ignore it they will begin paying attention to it. Anything to open up a can of explosive worms that might lead to the conversation of divorce surfacing! Others act passive aggressive and begin accusing their wives of wanting a divorce and punctuate every argument or disagreement with ‘Why don’t you just divorce me if I am so terrible?’ To which the wife is actually considering. There are husbands who will stop cutting the grass, helping in the kitchen, or spend a huge ton of money just to try and irritate their wife. Other husbands may take the other approach and begin crying, sobbing or going on about how they just don’t deserve their wife! Although your wife may begin to think you need Prozac, she will take it as a compliment that finally you are realizing her worth in the marriage!

Unfortunately, most men and especially husbands are not that great at words. How to tell their wife they want a divorce is not something they ever want to talk about. They begin to think that an affair might be in order to get the message clearly across. So, they have one and do whatever it takes to get caught. This can back fire and isn’t really recommended because most women decide to be angry at the other women rather than their cheating husband! (Just depends on the wife) So really what is a man to do when actually just saying ‘I want a divorce’ is not an option, making their wife miserable doesn’t seem to be working and the whole affair thing simply leaves him with yet another hysterical, emotional and sensitive female to deal with?

How about honesty? Rather than worrying about how to go about asking a divorce how about just doing it! Men are probably the world’s worst communicators and they either over or under think every conversation in their life. They don’t want to make their wife so mad that they won’t ever be invited for ‘break-up’ sex and they definitely don’t want to end up like a member of the Bobbitt family. They also more than likely have a certain special spot in their heart for this women in their life and don’t want to be the one to break her heart; especially since he was the one she picked to make it whole.

Chances are if a husband is no longer interested in being married to his wife; the wife already knows it and feels it. In actuality setting her free; whether she realizes it at the moment or not; does her a favor and gives her the opportunity to be loved the way she deserves! Women and especially wives are strong and very few people want to be in a relationship where they are no longer wanted, appreciated or loved! How to tell your wife you want a divorce? Don’t bother finding a guilt-gift of jewelry or taking her to a fancy restaurant. Don’t leave’ hints or become mean and resentful. Don’t try to make her hate you (because she wont) and learn to be honest, forthcoming and truthful in the way you talk to her. After all these years she at least deserves it in this situation.

Just sit her down and tell her that the marriage is not working out for you. She will want to know why, demand to know ‘what she did wrong’ and probably cry the kind of cry where her shoulders shake. She will feel devastated and she will be experiencing a new kind of grief. She might throw things at you, scream, yell or break a dish or two (why you shouldn’t do it in a restaurant) but it is because to a woman; being asked for divorce feels like a failure. For this reason, when you consider how to tell your wife you want a divorce; make sure you spend more time considering all the wonderful things that she was/is as well. Take that moment to remind her and consider your life without her completely. Often ex-wives can make great friends!



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