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How to Transform your Living Room Space with Wallpaper

Are you thinking to give your living room an immediate update? To help you do this, you can have exciting wallpaper range that can add color, texture, as well as pattern to space. When it comes to wallpaper for the living room, you need to select appropriate colors and looks which work for you.

Below are some wonderful ideas on how to make your living room look amazing with the help of wallpaper.


Wallpaper does not only have to go on the walls. You can make a striking statement within the living room by making a color scheme with some key furniture piece like a sideboard or couches.

If you were thinking about getting rid of some furniture, you do not have to do this if you wallpaper it to make it look exciting. Try wood or maybe a brick-effect type of wallpaper that can give some modern look to your living room.

Have Pinstripes

You can develop a tailored and designer look within the living room by using pinstripes. These look smart on the walls like they do on suits. Select soft greys which will make the scheme not feel overly masculine.

You can also add a luxe type of touch using accents of gold with the accessories along with soft furnishings. Window treatments should be kept plain and simple so that you can make your walls be the star feature of the room.

Tie Your Room Together

With the help of an eye-catching wallpaper, you can unify different living zones within an open-plan space. Two separate seating places can be visually drawn together using a whimsical botanical print that is present around the full circumference of your room.

If you have dado rail, you can paper from these upwards to not make this scheme too busy. This is also a clever way to save some money on the scheme.

Try Going Fully Tropical

If you want something bold, you can transform your plain white room making it a tropical paradise using wallpaper that has exotic plants. You can continue a colonial jungle type of feel in your scheme. This can be done by using cane furniture as well as plantation shutters for instance.

Pick a wallpaper that has a white backdrop to allow the scheme to feel light as well as airy still. This is despite the vibrancy present of the pattern.

Wallpaper can transform your dull and boring living room into something beautiful and eye-catching. The living room is a place where you seat your guests, so you want this room to look wonderful and pleasant.

You can try out different ideas with the help of exciting wallpaper designs. While using wallpaper, you need to remember that this should not clash with any surrounding furniture. It should also not hurt the eyes.

Many businesses sell wallpaper. You can check online like at wallpaperfromthe70s for instance. It is a good idea to use wallpaper that is becoming popular nowadays.

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