Husbands – Finding the Perfect Man to Marry

There they sit with a bag of chips watching Nickelodeon cartoons; wasting away the early hours of Saturday morning when there are so many things to be done. They leave their laundry in front of the shower door, have trouble finding socks and make a mess in the kitchen when they are trying to cook. They are filled with questions from wondering where the q-tips are hiding to wanting to know what it is you really did all day. They believe that the laundry washes itself, the shopping is delivered daily to your door step and that Santa really offers a free gift giving service. They will build snowmen in the winter, throw snowballs at children and chase kids around the yard with the wild abandon of youth regardless of how sore their arthritic knees are. They have no conception of how much the household bills really cost and secretly believe that someone is hiding or hoarding their money! Often irrational, privy to pouting and more sensitive than most weepy women in this world; these creatures of habit and mischief are hard to live with and even harder to resist! It isn’t your kids being discussed here; although the similarities are many it is the breed of men so kindly referred to as husbands! If you have one; you understand completely! If you are looking for one; you might want to be careful what you wish for.

Men are supposed to be the strong ones. They are supposed to be the ones to hold our hands, lift us up when we are falling and be able to invoke a super hero strength that is sure to save us in our time of doom. They are full of physical strength and are much less worried about what the world thinks of them than their wives. They play hard, tumble with the kids, give them soda before bed and don’t believe that sugar or caffeine are detrimental to a youthful diet. All this strength and stamina seemingly disappears when its time to deliver that 7 pound replica of flesh and blood and crumbles at the first mention of vaccinations! He who can lift the largest tree limb from the driveway after a storm is crushed by a singular soiled diaper from a 1 month old baby! In the face of sickness, injury, drama or turmoil they tug at the apron strings of their wife in the same way a 4 year old little boy does. But no matter; we seemingly love them anyways. Husbands!

When they are good; they is nothing better in the world.

When things are well; husbands have the exceptional quality to make women feel loved, special and complete in all senses of the word. When things are bad; they have the silent and deadly ability to drag down the heart of the woman that loves them. She might hide it away, deny it exists, attempt to be stronger – but inside she only wants his love. Although men may be the stronger sex, the head of the household, the money maker it is women who keep it altogether. And for every woman that acts as adhesive; there is a husband who can either make her better or leave her empty!

Husbands are ever curious, often whiny and need the same constant ego rubbing attention that a small child does. The difference is that they won’t scream or ask for it; they will simply stew like the beef in the crock pot until their wife is wise enough to notice it. It doesn’t matter how busy she is, how many kids she is taking of or how little sleep she got in the last 3 years. It doesn’t matter how she looks, if her hair needs attention or her clothes are stained from sticky hands; the husband wants this woman to notice him and act on it. Any wife with experience knows that perhaps a great marriage starts with buckling down and making love to their’ husband no matter how tired they are as often as possible. They also know that a well placed kiss or compliment can add steam to the marital sails and keep the resentment husbands often feel for being placed so far down the pecking order on even keel.

No matter how mad they make, how frustrating and childish their behavior can be, no matter how much they love their mother or like to be taken care of- there is something irresistibly sexy and safe in watching your husband play in the yard with your children. When he gets home from work; the hero of the day and reignites the kids in a way you always wished you could – it is easy to feel jealous; but even easier to feel relieved that you have in your life a daily reminder that life is supposed to be enjoyed. Call it selfish or immature; but husbands realize and make fun a priority; often ignoring common sense in order to do so. It is best to let them have it!

Husbands are everywhere. They are prone to be nicer to someone else’s wife, or more attentive to the needs of their friends than their families. They are likely to react poorly in many situations in life. But they are also worth keeping. There are many men in this world; but few who can make you feel as special, loved and cherished as a well chosen husband. Even when the thought of his antics, the idea of his selfishness, the result of his inflexible thought processes and the irritating consequences of his immature stunts make you want to head for the door running; the feel of his hand on your shoulder, the way he kisses your neck, the sound of your last name and the special, loyal love that he has for you will keep you steadily in place. No matter how bad they can be; they are usually worth keeping and usually know just the right time to tighten their reins to make the finest creatures in the world; wives; from ever wanting life to be another way.



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