I missed my Period – Could I Be Pregnant?

Reactions can range from disgraced expletives to nagging excitement and instantaneously the past, present and future feels changed somehow. “I missed my period” can be the words you have longed to say or can cause anxiety and discomfort like no other phrase in life. The bottom line is that a missed period can indicate many things from illness or stress to pregnancy and it is a transforming moment in every woman’s life. The consideration then turns to what to do next.

Missing a period in lots of ways is a metaphorical passageway into woman hood. Whether you have been trying to get pregnant or trying not to, the moment you realize you are late, worlds – all of them yours – come crashing together. Even if you have been frantically trying and timing sex in order to conceive, the moment of truth can be difficult. Regardless of what we think, we want in life when things actually come to pass or have the chance of doing so; it is like sitting on a teeter-totter stuck at the high end. How to get down or at least low enough to touch the grounded soil beneath your feet can be difficult – especially alone. First thing to do is find someone to sit on the teeter totter with you, preferably one who is supportive and have them accompany you to the nearest drug store. Then spend your 10-20 bucks on a decent pregnancy test (or several) so you can understand the realities of your fate.

Perhaps the one thing you should avoid doing is blabbering the news to every friend, colleague or stranger that happens to walk past you. If the test comes up pink or with a plus sign, you definitely need time to adjust to the news and think a bit before inviting the masses into your private life. This can be a very special moment, one that should be treasured and one in which you allow yourself to savor the frivolous unexpected of what lies ahead and the daydreams that will no doubt swirl about exactly what or better yet who the little pink line will bring you to in life. It is smart to realize that the epiphany moment will only happen once and you won’t have a chance to redo should you do it wrong. If you are somewhat superstitious, waiting to tell others is necessary for even more reasons. If you and your partner have been waiting this moment, share it with them first and allow them to recover from the shock as well. No matter how prepared or ready you may be to have a child, there is nothing quite as scary as finding out it may actually happen. Still, telling others before you know anything for sure can mean having to un-tell your story again later. Depending on your desire, this may not be an easy thing to do.

The women living on the other side of the coin who have not contemplated ever missing a period may not feel as good about the whole thing. In this case, there is nothing wrong with waiting a few days to se if your monthly visitor is just running behind schedule. You wouldn’t be the first to jog an extra mile or have sex just to see if it will bring on your period. Bottom line is you know your body and if you are as regular as the mail or as sporadic as warm days in winter taking the test can be a sort of insignificant step after realizing that you missed your period. The important thing is to be emotionally ready for whatever comes next. Chances are waiting a day or two to take the test isn’t going to change the result and may in fact just make things a little clearer. Take a breath and realize the whole thing as an endeavor to think in places you may never thought to go on your own.

“I missed my period” can be a godsend or can cause disappointment at first. It can be one of those things that makes you really contemplate your lifestyle or choice of partners and can break-up the best of couples. It can cause fear and bring out the true colors of your mate. Many women miss a period, share it with their husband or boyfriend and get to see first hand how thwarted their reaction is. On the other hand, many men pass the test with high scores for chivalry and commitment and give you a comforting glimpse into what kind of father they may be one day. For those expecting to miss a period it can be the start of their new dreams or can lead to heartbreak a few days later. What women should probably take from missing a period no matter what the circumstances involved is that no matter how in control you feel you are, there quite simply is something more powerful that works through us in nature. It doesn’t matter what you call this thing, but only that you see the missed period as some sort of opportunity. It could be the opportunity to become a mother, to rethink your life, to rethink your goals, to reconsider your relationship or to balance out the things in life that are meaningful to you. It definitely isn’t the end of the world and can on so many levels be the beginning of a new world whether a baby is involved or not.

“I missed my period!” Every woman faces these four little words and comes through it differently. The bottom line is that it distinctly and directly causes a shift in every woman and this shift can be the gentle transition into motherhood or one that has you redefining your life. In any case, you should steal from it the lessons that are intended for simply you and realize that your perfectly laid plan is always subject to change.



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