I Want to Prevent Addiction in my Children. Is it Possible?

Mounting to the status of a ‘parent’ is one of the most beautiful and blissful feelings in the world. But with this comes responsibilities and duties. You not only have to raise your children, but also have to teach them life lessons, educate them about good and bad, and make sure that they choose the right path of living. But living in the 21st century, when our children have exposure to so many things, parenting is not easy!

Your duty doesn’t end after having a bit of chit chat on the dinner table, checking weekly academic progress, and keeping an eye on their television watching time. You also have to consider whether they are doing well in their life and mind as well. Depression, cyberbullying, digital gadgets usage are the growing issues of this society, and they, along with the peer circle, and environment can cast a dire impact on your child. One of these consequences is an addiction! According to statistics, 50% of teenagers have misused a drug at least once in their life in the US. And these stats are not encouraging at all!

These stats can make any parent worried, so there isn’t any wonder that you might be wondering: “What should I do to prevent my children from becoming addicted to any substance?”.  Though there are good centers for drug addiction treatment, the good thing is that addiction is preventable. But for this, you have to play your role as a parent for your children’s well-being.

Here are given parenting tips to raise your children addiction-free:

Take Out Time for Your Family:

Psychologists say that children whose parents pay attention and give more time to them are less likely to develop bad habits. Giving time doesn’t mean interacting with them for an hour or two in a day. It means giving proper time and attention to them. It is not easy to take out time after spending a tiring day at work and doing house chores. But you have to do it for your children!

Sit with your children and ask them to share their problems, and discuss different matters of life. Don’t force things or shove teachings down their throat. Be friendly, let them talk, but do give your word where necessary.

Keep a Check on their Behavior:

Addiction is usually a precursor to some disturbance in life. It can be academic pressure, peer pressure, family issues, etc. You can witness it in your child’s behavior if they are having any trouble or mental deterioration. Like, if your talkative child now stays quiet, or spends more time alone, it is not normal. Keeping a check on your child’s behavior always helps to identify a problem in its earlier stage before things start getting worse. So, if you see any changes, talk to them and try to resolve the problem.

Enroll Your Children in Healthy Activities:

You know: All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It means that you have to make some place for healthy activities if you don’t want your mind to stray over useless things. That’s why you should ask your children to join activity classes instead of giving them smartphones for the time pass. Healthy activities will not only keep them engaged, but will also make them healthy.

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