Ideas for Decorating Your Porch

While many homes have outdoor spaces, few homeowners consider how these areas can serve as extensions of their home. Decorating the front porch will provide you and your visitors a comfortable atmosphere every time you enter your home, and decorating the back porch will make it a cozy place to relax. Here are some decor ideas to create appealing porches.

Add seating

Seating is a great way to make your porch an additional functional part of your home. Use a range of seating options such as appropriately-sized couches and single seaters so that the porch can be used for both relaxing and hosting get-togethers. Porch swings and loungers can also increase the appeal.


Lighting is known to be a mood-setter for every room in the house. This also holds true for outdoor spaces.  Consider adding string lights to create a beautiful, cozy or romantic atmosphere. Make sure there is enough lighting on your front porch to illuminate it for your visitors and also to make your home feel welcoming.


Paint will form a backdrop for your porch. Painting the outdoor walls is an easy way to make your porch look more appealing and put together. Just like interior paint, there are a range of options available for the outdoors as well. Many people prefer muted colors for their porch and adding pops of color through the decor and furnishings. Bright colors paired with the right decor pieces also work for a great and fun outdoor space.

Use pavers

Pavers are a great way to add interest onto your porch as you can find a variety of them on sites like Amber. They can be used to introduce some color to your outdoor decor. Pavers can also be used to  line your front and back porch.

Add some color

Along with the paint, you can add some brightness and color into the porch with furniture and other decor pieces. A rug will anchor the space and add some texture. Throw pillows and cushions suiting the color scheme will make the space look inviting.


Plants are an essential for any outdoor space. You can add hanging pots, a vertical garden, or just place simple pots around the porch. A herb garden can also be added into the mix. You can paint and decorate your pots to your liking as a DIY project.

Add a small closet or dresser

A porch generally sees a lot of foot traffic, whether it’s from a delivery agent dropping off a package or guests leaving their shoes when they come to visit. As a result, a porch can become cluttered every now and then. A small closet or a dresser would be a great addition to store packages safely and keep other items that might usually be left out on the porch.

Outdoor spaces can be difficult to design, as you have to take environmental elements into account. Furniture, upholstery, and plants need to remain in good condition throughout the year. Once you have this figured out, designing an outdoor space will be a fun activity that will only make you feel better about your home.




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