Ingenious Ideas To Make Your Home Reform A Success?

There is good planning behind any effective renovation: determining the scope of the intervention, choosing the materials, calculating the budget, and, when the occasion requires it, choosing an excellent professional. On the Internet, some tools gather all these steps, such as online design platforms. There you can find interior examples of its more than 2,000 collaborating architects and decorators, find out the approximate cost of a new work or renovation with your calculator, and request to compare several estimates before deciding.

One space, multiple functions

The ABC of small spaces equips them with elements that can be quickly transformed to accommodate various functions in a single environment. Although it is a strategy that a priori is best solved through custom design, furniture manufacturers are increasingly responding to this need with standard products. It is often enough to change the colour of the walls with a coat of paint to breathe new life into our home. White and pastel colours or all the fame earth tones add lightness and help make space appear more spacious. Ecological paints will also help make the artistic transition a little healthier for you and the environment. Virtue is born out of the need for space. The reform is an excellent opportunity to make the most of wasted spaces such as corridors, holes under the stairs, or setbacks in walls. With few furniture or elements of wood or pleasure, we can create mezzanines, cabinets, or work corners. You can make a cosy space, with a lamp, coffee table and to sit and flick through movies or look at the best casino bonus and promotions.

A magic touch on walls and ceilings

The latest to arrive is a reinvented classic: the mouldings. Far from complicated scale work, the new proposals come from the hand of polystyrene or polyurethane pieces like those created by Orac Decor, light and easy to install, with which surprising designs can be obtained and very much in line with current interior design.

The old and the new coexist without complexes.

Recover the original painting of the walls and ceilings to enhance the old patina, replace partitions with mobile panels to create a dynamic distribution of space, reproduce the exterior carpentry respecting the existing design but incorporating all the technology of a modern enclosure.

More natural light, more comfort, less energy consumption 

Correctly designing a house’s openings has positive repercussions in many aspects: the aesthetic quality of the interior environment, the relationship with the outside environment, the energy efficiency of the house, and the health of the inhabitants thanks to the benefits of natural light. Implementing a window on the roof is a great option to illuminate closed or underused spaces or increase the possibilities of double-height spaces. With energy classifications, the new generation of Velux roof windows has 18% more glazed surface, reduces energy losses in winter by 20%, and offers the possibility of remote operation with electric or solar energy. Practicality, aesthetics and functions can transform a space, so what are you waiting for?

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