Are You Interested in a Career in Gambling? 5 Tips for Getting Involved

Gambling isn’t something that most people would ever consider a ‘career choice’. But the fact of the matter is that some people genuinely do earn a living that way! Here are five ways of getting involved if it sounds like something you want to do…

  1. Don’t get too attached

To improve your chances of being a successful gambler, pick a profession you don’t enjoy too much. That might sound like strange advice, but it’s actually worth heeding! Here’s why: the fact that you regularly play something for fun or for the health and social benefits (such as bingo, which happens to have lots of health and social benefits as this Wink Bingo article explains), suggests that it might not be the kind of thing you can emotionally detach yourself from.

On the other hand, if you can gamble professionally on something that you don’t consider to be part of your ‘fun time’ or ‘socialising time’, you won’t get carried away or invest too much from an emotional or a financial perspective.

  1. Perfect your poker face

People who gamble strategically are far more likely to make a living out of it than those who leave it down to chance; that’s why it makes sense to opt for playing poker, rather than hoping to earn an income on the slot machines. Poker requires the most skill of all methods of gambling, as it involves reading people as much as understanding numbers. And, you also stand the strongest chance of making a good living from it as there aren’t any odds stacked against you. But you’ll have to be good: you could be up against some of the best poker players in the world!

  1. Join the professional betters

Some people have quit their jobs to become full time football gamblers, and could be an option for you if you’re a good mathematician or statistician. Use spreadsheets and financial models to assess odds and predict outcomes. You’ll need to be ‘unemotional’ about it in order to ensure you’re making sensible, rational decisions, so perhaps only venture down this route if you’re not too passionate about football… or else you risk making decisions with your heart rather than your head!

  1. Get online

Gambling used to be done by paying a visit to the bookies, but nowadays (since the explosion of the internet), you can be a successful gambler by doing sufficient research online. It’s a global industry and in its most ‘professional’ form it’s often likened to stockbroking – so much of it is based on education and knowledge rather than good fortune.

  1. Never bet a penny more than you can afford to lose

It’s never worth going into debt when you’re gambling, so only bet money that you don’t ‘need’. One professional gambler defines ‘need’ by recommending that you never gamble with anything more than 15% of your net disposable income for the month, reasoning that “fun should never be so fun that it costs you or a family member something you will regret”.

Have these tips made you feel like giving a career in gambling a go? If so, good luck, and be sure to learn how to gamble safely.