Is It A Parents Responsibility To Teach Their Children To Cook

We hear so much about parental duties and responsibilities these days that it seems that the majority of parents are failing their children woefully. Of course, you have to keep in mind that you only get to hear about the bad stuff. But still, in the modern world, is it possible that we are unwittingly not doing right by our children.

The modern nuclear family stereotype is rapidly becoming a single-parent household, which means your children are getting shortchanged by 50% right out of the gate. Failed marriages are at epidemic rates, in the US, at least, and the numbers of children born out of wedlock are even greater. And the really sad thing is that it seems to be acceptable to most of society. The institution of marriage has all but been destroyed, and it seems no one is ever responsible for the bad decisions they have made. The really terrible part of this is that it is your children that have to pay the price.

Even when couples stay together, both parents are working, so the lions share of parental responsibilities are left to Day Care Centers, schools, and other strangers. Most parents really have no idea what their children are being exposed to while they are out doing their thing. The traditional American Family that most of us older people grew up in is now a thing of the past. And at what price? Increased crime, teen pregnancies, increased child-abuse, and reduced learning levels. In general, youngsters leaving the nest nowadays are helpless by the standards older people grew up by. They have almost everything done for them, such as prepackaged and fast foods, they do automatic job searches online, and in many cases are even unable to find their own romantic connections, instead relying on services to ‘select’ suitable partners for them. They spend a large amount of time texting, and on social networks because they are unable to engage in normal face-to-face interactions.

So, what is the cure for this? To start with, parent need to go back to assuming complete responsibility for their children. There are different levels of responsibly. Legally, a parent has to provide adequate shelter, supervision, food, and a safe environment…that’s all. What I am talking about is the real responsibility…ethical, social, and moral responsibility. As a parent, you have a natural responsibility to teach your children:

  • Survival and life skills
  • ethics
  • morals
  • problem-solving skills
  • how to be happy
  • how to be responsible for your own actions
  • developing character

Teaching children cannot be done by strangers. It has to be taught by the parents, for several reasons:

  • It creates a bond that keeps families together
  • it engenders parental respect
  • it perpetuates the values that the family unit is based on
  • your kids will be happier, healthier, and more successful in life

One of the best ways to start this is to teach your children to cook at an early age, and allow them to help in the preparation of meals. There is no need to ask, “Is it a parents responsibility to teach their children to cook?” This should be a no-brainer. Teaching your children to cook benefits both your children, and society in the following ways:

  • It allows children to develop a sense of purpose and responsibly very early on. They learn that others are depending on what they do, or fail to do.
  • Children will feel like they are actual participants in the family unit, rather than just spectators with no input into family decisions.
  • Children will develop problem-solving skills very early, like how to substitute ingredients
  • Children will learn basic math skills, through measuring and weighing ingredients, and figuring food budgets.
  • Children will learn to read and follow directions at an early age by learning recipes.
  • Children will learn how to safely use tools, and the consequences of inattention.
  • Children will develop a sense of self-sufficiency and enablement, and pride.
  • Children will make better food choices, because they can now take charge of their nutrition.
  • Children who cook are more well-adjusted socially, have fewer disciplinary problems
  • Children who learn to cook are less likely to become obese.
  • There are many, many social and societal benefits in teaching children to cook at an early age.
  • When preparing meals becomes a family function, it creates quality-time, and strong family bonds. A family that cooks and eats together is more likely to stay together.



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  1. My mom never taught me to cook. in fact she discouraged it. It was when i was older that i held resentment to her. I learned later in life, but i learned something very valuable. Never neglect teaching your kids to cook, or you have failed as a parent.

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