Is it worth buying an expensive car for an 18-year-old child?

An 18th birthday gift should be special and memorable. It is important that it emphasizes the significance of the date and the transition to adulthood. For those who can afford it, an expensive car is exactly the gift that allows an already mature child to feel the responsibility of the new stage of his life.

For those who cannot afford this, we can offer an alternative option – renting a car. And this can be combined with a vacation. Wonderful, isn’t it? We suggest you plan a trip to Dubai because it is the talk of expensive cars and different expensive cars. There are also many rental companies, but we recommend the most trusted rental company, you can find their online catalog at


Remember yourself at 18 years old. And remember if you would like to get a car for your 18th birthday. It doesn’t matter what it will be, as long as it’s yours. And even more so if by this time you have already received your license.

So think about it – why not? Why didn’t your son or daughter, a correct and well-mannered child who enjoys academic success and has clear goals in life, deserve such a gift? Why not? Or maybe you should also wait until he secretly takes your car at night and secretly drives around the city at night with his friends until you catch him and get angry?

Is it worth buying an expensive car?

We believe that it is preferable to get something simpler and less expensive. Allow him to travel, get experience, and feel in command. After all, you won’t be so sorry for your money when the car costs 5 thousand dollars, and not 50 thousand dollars.

As we said above, you can rent a car. There are rental companies not only in Dubai. If you can’t select which car to buy or aren’t sure which automobile is best to buy, develop a list and rent a car from your list once a week to test it.

But we don’t want to force our point of view on you; instead, we want you to make your own decision. In order to do so, you must consider the following factors:

The financial aspect of this issue

When acquiring a high-priced car, keep in mind that you are also paying for insurance, car maintenance, gasoline, and repairs in the case of a breakdown. After all, the more expensive the car, the more expensive the repairs. As parents, you should carefully evaluate your financial capabilities and bear in mind that the gift of a car includes not only an initial cost but also continuous expenses that will be imposed on them in the future.

You must also select who will foot the bill for all of this.

Experience and responsibility

Other than a driving test, children of this age frequently have little or no driving experience. Expensive and powerful automobiles may be risky, especially if the driver lacks expertise. You need to understand whether your child is ready for the responsibility associated with driving an expensive car. To test this a little, as we said above, you can rent him a car in your city and see how it behaves.


A car may be useful if your child plans to travel frequently or attend a university in another city. If the equipment is primarily idle, however, it may look to be a waste of money.

Renting an automobile for a prolonged period of time may be an alternative in this case. This is useful because if you discover that the vehicle has been used often in a month, for example, you will simply not renew the lease.


Is it thus worthwhile to purchase an expensive car as a gift for an 18-year-old child? We want to underline that this is a decision impacted by a number of factors. All of the parameters we discussed previously must be carefully evaluated. Your decision should be thought out and tested (as we wrote about renting a car). We wish you only the best and a good journey for you and your child, whether in an expensive car or in your old one!



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