Is Suicide the Answer to your Problems?

Life is tough these days, and it’s easy to succumb to feelings of hopelessness and despair.  For many families, money is extremely tight. Jobs are few and far between, and making ends meet has become far more difficult than ever before. With the cost of living at an unprecedented high, people under immense pressure to make enough money to afford the bare essentials for their families. For many people, this translates to multiple jobs and long hours away from home. This, in turn, has a negative effect on the family. Communication begins to unravel, and resentments build. It’s easy to see how people can feel bombarded from every side and long for release.

Sadly, 123 people commit suicide each day in the United States. Even one life lost is far too many. For those left behind, life is forever changed. Yet, we can’t help but wonder what the final step is that leads people to believe that all hope is lost and ending their lives is the only solution.

We know that mental health facilities capable of assisting people suffering from depression are few and far between. Those who seek help often aren’t able to find any in time to save their lives. Our system is broken, and reform is necessary.

Finding Hope When All Feels Hopeless

Hope can be hard to come by, and it can feel like your world is crumbling around you. Though it sounds cliché, it is true that things will get better if given enough time. Nothing is irreparable. Yet, sometimes people just need to be reminded of the positives of their lives.

Here are some reminders that can help when you are struggling and feeling that life may not be worth living any more: 

You are loved.

It is easy to lose sight of this fact particularly if your current state of mind has been brought on by the dissolution of a valued marriage or the breaking up of a cherished relationship. But it’s true. You are loved. There are people in this world who would miss you if you are gone, and there are others who would feel their world would stop turning if you were no longer a part of it.

Things will get better.

Time is the great healer. Unfortunately, there are times in life when we feel that we can’t afford to wait even a minute longer; life is just too incredibly painful.

Yes, there are times when your problems may seem insurmountable, and maybe they are, in that moment. But in time, what seemed so important won’t seem so any more. Things change over time. Sometimes we need a reminder to just hang on for one more day because things will get better bit by bit, moment by moment, and day by day. The way you feel now is not the way that you will feel forever. There is hope that the things that seem to consume you will fade away. You can be at peace again. 

There is help available.

Many people who struggle with suicidal thoughts feel as if they are all alone. The truth is that help is always available. Whether you seek out the company of a trusted friend, a family member, a pastor, or a suicide hotline, help is accessible to you. The first step to learning to want to live again is reaching out for support.

No matter what you have done, forgiveness is possible.

At times, we can feel overwhelmed by the things we have done in the past. Shame and guilt can cause us to feel unworthy of ever being loved and respected again.

Whatever you have done, it is a part of your past. It doesn’t need to be a part of your future. We cannot change the things we have done, but we can determine to do better going forward. We can learn from our mistakes and make a fresh start.

If you feel you have wronged someone, it’s not too late to seek restitution. An apology can go a long way to healing broken relationships and hurt feelings.

Forgiveness is possible, but you must first seek it. 

If you feel broken, you can be whole again.

Many people fear that their scars run so deep that there is no hope of ever being whole again. It’s simply not true. Time really does heal all wounds. Just because you are suffering today does not mean that you are bound to continue in this state forever. If you hold on tightly and gaze into your future, you will be able to glimpse a time when you can and will enjoy your life again, a time when you will once again be pursuing your goals and finding pleasure in your life as you once did before. 

Take things one breath at a time.

Sometimes the best you can do is live in the moment. Take your life one breath at a time. When your heart is broken and life seems futile, it takes great effort to simply put one foot in front of the other, yet that is what you must do. Focus on milestones to help you get through each day and trust in the certainty that better days lie ahead for you.

Sadly, many people feel that suicide is the answer. It is AN answer, but not the right one. If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, reach out for help. There is hope that you can be whole again. Take a chance on your own life. You are worth it!



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