Is Your Child Interning Abroad? 4 Things Parents Should Know

An internship program is a common requirement students should complete to finish their education. It’s a great way to learn more about their specialty and be exposed to their potential work environment in the future.

Some people even pursue international opportunities as it’s a great way to build connections and expand their knowledge. If your child is interning abroad, having some worries isn’t unusual. So, as a parent, here are some things you should know:

  1. Is The Program Reliable?

Applying for international internships can be more challenging than applying to a local company. The screening process can be more meticulous, and you have limited means to learn more about the program. So, if your child is going to become an intern abroad, you must check if they’ll work in a good environment.

It would be helpful to learn about their program and the company offering it. If they have an online website, you can visit it to see whether they’ve been working with interns for a long time. For instance, sites like offer helpful information about alumni experience and program features.

You may also call them to ask any questions regarding their program. For instance, do they offer assistance to students outside work? Can they help your child find lodging during their stay? These queries will help you decide whether the internship program is reliable or not.

It would be beneficial to send your child to an overseas company with an excellent track record. This way, you would be at ease knowing they’re learning during their stay there.

  1. How Much Will They Need?

Living overseas for a while would require a considerable amount of money. After all, transportation, housing, and food costs can be expensive, depending on the location. So, if your child is interning abroad, you should know how much they’ll need.

If you’re paying for all their expenses, saving up as early as possible may be ideal. This way, you won’t break the bank funding your child’s internship. In addition, it would help to research the living expenses where they’ll live. For instance, if they would go to a place with a higher living cost, you may need to allot a bigger budget.

You can map out a financial plan with your child to pay for their overseas internship. For instance, you can encourage them to find a summer job; so they have some pocket money when they leave.

Besides your child’s basic expenses, you should also know if there are fees for the internship they’re applying for. Some international institutions may have an admission cost, so you should consider that in your budget.

  1. How Long Will Their Program Last?

Internship programs in different specialties often have varying durations. Some may last for a month, while others may take a more extended period. So, before you send your child abroad, it may be a good idea to know how long their program will last. This way, you won’t feel anxious while they’re away.

Additionally, learning this in advance would be a good opportunity for you to prepare your child for their trip. You can teach them budgeting skills and how to maintain their place so they won’t encounter problems once they start their program.

If you think they’ll feel homesick, you can make arrangements to stay connected. For instance, you can schedule calls so you can check up on them once in a while.

  1. Is The Location Safe?

Since you can be with your child during their international internship, one of the biggest worries that may bother you is their safety. You won’t be around to watch over them, and there are new experiences they’ll encounter during their program.

If you don’t want to worry about their stay abroad, it may be ideal to send them somewhere safe. You can encourage them to apply for internships in cities with low crime rates. It would help put your mind at ease once they leave. In addition, try to find ideal places for international students, so, they won’t have much trouble adjusting to their new environment.

Also, you can advise them to find programs that assist students so they’ll have someone to help them should concerns arise. For instance, an internship program with mentorship is a great option to have someone look after your child.

Final Thoughts 

As a parent, it’s common to worry about things concerning your child. It includes their education and activities outside their school. If they’re going abroad for an internship, it would be best to know some critical information like their program features and location. This way, you won’t have to worry about their welfare while they’re away.



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