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Is Your Marriage Beyond Repair?

Let’s face it. Today, divorce has become a common thing. Couples will go through slight problems, and the next thing you hear is that they are already filing for a marriage annulment. Approximately 50% of marriages nowadays end up in divorce.

The big question is, is divorce really necessary? After everything that you have been through and all the plans that you have executed together, the answer to that is no. You ought to fight for your marriage at all costs. Why is that?

You have come too far to give up now

Think of where you have come from together, from the moment when you first met, your first date to the day of your marriage. Think of what drew you to each other, the smile, the hug, and your partner’s kindness towards you. What s/he made you feel was special, and it still is, you just need to look well and see it.

Your children will suffer

If you have kids together, then you should think of how they would suffer if their parents underwent a divorce. That will break their hearts and can have a significant adverse effect on their current and future lives. Several studies on impact of family structure on the children’s health have shown that children tend to grow well emotionally and psychologically when they have their parents together. Stop the selfishness and at least try to mend the broken pieces for them. Every kid deserves growing up in a happy and healthy family.

Think of the plans promises you had together

You obviously had a lot planned during your courtship period and after marriage. You vowed that you would stick by each other’s side, in sickness, health, riches, and poverty and that should stick. Also, you have already invested a lot of time and resources in each other, and that is reason enough to keep holding on to each other. You should fight to keep all the vows and promises that you made to each other on your wedding day. Think of all the plans that you made together, and you are yet to execute. What about the investments and the far you have come, not forgetting all the love you had for each other.

It is normal to feel like you no longer have the same love you initially had towards your partner and like you no longer want to do life with them again, but that is only because you are making your decision based on the current frustrations and anger. You tend to overlook all the good things and focus only on the negative, and that is why it gets to a point where you feel like your marriage is beyond repair.

What most individuals fail to realize is that they can get help from experts, who can guide them through whatever issues they are going through, help them realize their mistakes and guide them to forgiving one another. There is nothing like marriage being beyond repair. If you are willing enough, you can still make it work. Make an appointment relationship counseling from therapists here and begin the journey to a healthy marriage. It is all worth it.

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Ayokunnumi A. E March 5, 2020 at 12:41 AM

I am pleased by the insightful points raised in this article. Divorce is way more than separation. It has adverse consequences on the children among other things. Furthermore, the rate of separation between aged couples (in recent time) has proven that time alone doesn’t correct some things.


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