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It Pays to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Bad habits are tough to break, but when it comes to extending your life, or if money is more of a factor when it comes to paying cheaper premiums, living a healthy lifestyle can provide plenty of benefits. While this enlightenment certainly will not be achieved overnight, taking it day by day, along with patience and discipline, better habits such as eating right to maintain a healthy weight, exercising, as well as staying away from tobacco and alcohol, can have an affect on your overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being. While being around for loved ones should become priority, here are reasons why it pays to live a healthy lifestyle.

Cheaper Life Insurance Premiums

Life insurance policy premiums for healthy individuals are much lower than they are for the opposite. The obvious reason is that carriers’ base rates on the applicant’s life expectancy. Smokers, people who drink alcohol excessively, over-eaters, users of illicit drugs and adults who engage in various forms of risky behavior can expect to pay as much as 30 percent more for insurance than their healthy counterparts pay.

Another advantage is that owners of life insurance policies can sell the contracts for greater than the built-up value, but less than the death payout, in an arrangement called a life settlement by visiting this site here. Logic dictates that healthy policy holders are apt to gain more when selling because they have not had to pay as much into a given contract. Thus, the profit percentage at the time of sale is much greater.

Energy Levels Improve

Do you ever notice that if you go out for fast-food for lunch, when you come back to work, productivity takes a nose dive that can take a few hours to recover, compared to if you had a salad instead? While certainly that meal would not be as satisfying, but there’s a reason why there’s a lethargic feeling to unhealthy eating. Eating a balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, and grains can keep your body maintaining proper energy levels.

Regular exercise can promote a more quality sleep by being able to fall asleep faster instead of the dreaded tossing and turning. After all, insufficient sleep can cause a lower life expectancy in addition to just feeling tired and lacking motivation. Reducing caffeine, avoiding a nap after work, and scheduling more of a going to bed and waking up routine, are great ways to improve the quality of sleep along with exercise.

Extended Life Expectancy Becomes a Reality

With improved overall habits, the chances of a longer life increase. Not only does exercise and healthy eating add years to a life, but also reduces the risk of diseases such as heart, cancer, even obesity. As our lives become even more busy on a daily basis, finding the time to set aside for a thirty-minute walk is important as studies have shown that adding this to the routine can avoid a premature death, compared to those who avoid exercise altogether. More and more seniors are taking part in races, softball, and swimming, and the earlier you can incorporate into daily life, the better outlook long-term.

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