Just How Healthy Is Your Relationship With Alcohol?

It’s a question many of us do not want to answer. In fact, many of us don’t until it’s too late. However, it’s a question we should all ask ourselves, particularly in this day and age.

The rise in alcoholism across the country has been rapid in recent times. As many areas of the nation faces battles with paying bills, the stresses of unemployment and so much more, the bottle provides an escape. As it has done for generations.

Of course, it’s not an escape we really should be taking. After all, alcohol can seriously damage your health both mentally and physically, but it’s one that is there and, let’s face it, always will be. It’s why so many people are entering alcohol recovery rehab today.

Relationships with alcohol can vary. It is possible to enjoy a drink from time to time and have no problem whatsoever. No temptations, no one turning into two, three or four. But what makes a relationship with alcohol healthy?

What is a healthy relationship with alcohol?

When it comes to having a healthy relationship with alcohol, you need to really consider the following:

  • Do you drink in moderation? Does drinking ever put yourself at harm either mentally or physically as a result of alcohol consumption? Does it ever get in the way of your daily life? And is your drinking in line with the recommended guidelines?
  • Do you know your limits? And, most importantly, do you drink within them?
  • Do you listen to your body? Have you ever, or do you regularly experience blackouts, hangovers or problems with your body as a result of drinking alcohol?
  • Can you set boundaries with alcohol? Can you stop when you need to? Not drink when you need to be driving and so forth?

If the answer to those bolded questions are yes, then you have a relatively healthy relationship with alcohol. However, if there is just one no, then you should perhaps evaluate your relationship with the substance.

Of course, nobody is suggesting that just because you’ve had a hangover before you have a problem with alcohol. That would be a ludicruous statement, but it could be something to monitor, particularly if you are a person who drinks once per week but always more towards the excess side.

Many people may not see that as problematic. But if truth be told, it is. It’s an unhealthy drinking pattern and it could lead to health problems further down the line.

Get a health check and see an expert

If there is any doubt in your mind around your relationship with alcohol, then it could be a good time to see a health expert. Your GP will be able to do tests such as liver functioning, while sitting down with an addiction expert will also be able to help you determine just how healthy your relationship with alcohol is. It could well be life changing…



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