Key Benefits of Teaching English Abroad

People with a love of language and a passion for travel should consider teaching English abroad. As any foreign language major can attest, there are abundant opportunities for native English speakers in many parts of the world. With a strong command of the English language and a little bit of teaching knowhow, you can essentially write your own ticket as an English teacher. If you’re currently on the fence about seeking out teaching jobs in foreign countries, the following perks may bring you around.

Decent Pay

At the end of the day, compensation is the most important thing to consider when deciding whether or not to accept a job. While it’s true that teaching English abroad may not net you a fortune, most of these jobs pay respectable salaries, and in many cases, you’ll earn more than you would doing similar work in the U.S. Teaching English abroad for just a year or two can help you grow your savings and significantly boost your financial security. These jobs are particularly popular amongst college students and recent graduates as the money they earn enables them to enter adult life with solid financial footing.

As is the case with many careers, your earning power will increase the longer you remain with the job. A sizable number of English teaching jobs operate under contracts that last from six months to two years. If your employer is pleased with your performance by the time your contract comes to an end, there’s a good chance they’ll ask you to stay and offer you a generous raise. Depending on the employer, you may even be offered the chance to stay on permanently.

Room and Board

A number of teaching abroad programs provide participants with a place to live and a small allowance, both of which are independent of the salaries they receive. Accommodations vary, but more often than not, teachers are placed in modest apartments paid for by their employers. Additionally, allowances ensure that teachers have money for food, toiletries and other basic necessities. With cost of living constantly on the rise in the U.S., an apartment with comped rent is essentially the Holy Grail for many American jobseekers. Few U.S. employers would provide employees with the aforementioned amenities, so if having a nice place to live is important to you, teaching English overseas is certainly something to consider.

Important Connections

If you’re interested in building a career around teaching English, earning a master’s in TESOL online can help you achieve this goal. However, a degree alone may not be enough to wow certain employers. This is where real-world experience and professional connections enter the equation. Fortunately, teaching English abroad can get you both of these things. Working for prominent foreign companies and educational institutions will ensure that you’re able to gain valuable hands-on experience and make a bevy of important connections. Experience abroad and references willing to sing your praises are sure to serve you well in the hunt for a permanent job.

Opportunity to Experience Foreign Cultures

A staggering number of Americans go their entire lives without traveling abroad. In light of how pricey foreign travel can be, this is hardly surprising. If stepping outside of your everyday surroundings and experiencing foreign cultures firsthand is something that interests you, teaching English abroad isn’t an opportunity you should pass up. Not only will you be able to immerse yourself in exciting new cultures, but you won’t have to worry about travel expenses or room and board. It’s hard to argue that broadening one’s cultural horizons while getting paid isn’t a win/win.

Many people are unaware of the plethora of teaching opportunities that exist for native English speakers abroad. A wide range of schools and companies are constantly on the hunt for English teachers, and making the cut is much easier than you may think, especially in underserved regions in Southeast Asia and the Near East. In addition to providing you with the chance to live abroad and soak up other cultures, a foreign English-teaching job will help you build your savings and make valuable professional connections. Even people who never viewed themselves as teachers are able to excel in these roles, so if you’re confident in your English skills and have an affinity for new experiences, teaching English abroad is sure to prove worth your while.

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