Lessons In Consideration – Kids Gone Crazy

Boy, oh boy (or girl) has the lack of manners of a few parents given parents as a lot a bad name. It does not take but one child screaming their head off in the middle of a posh restaurant to get people to hop on the board the child-haters train. Here you are spending $75 on what is supposed to be an intimate meal and some asinine couple has dragged along their toddler, who is obviously 5 hours passed a nap into the restaurant screaming and kicking the whole way.

Worse, is that often the parents of complete insane children seem to not notice the disruption that their children are causing to others. Or maybe they just do not care. Or maybe they just don’t care. Or maybe they don’t know what to do themselves. Either way, when your child is annoying others in the general public you have to take action. And fast!

It seems that we need to revisit some lessons in consideration for when the kids go crazy in public. Which, for any of you who are non-parents should know, is BOUND to happen at some point. Children are unpredictable and they often (okay always) rely on their parent’s intuition and leadership to help them learn how to act accordingly in public.

The reason that so many restaurants and airlines and establishments are trying to ban children from crossing their thresholds is because there are so many parents out there who seem to lack consideration for others. Newsflash. Not everyone in this world is going to think that your little darling of a child is as cute as you do. Not everyone at the grocery store thinks your child’s tantrum at the check out aisle over a damn tootsie pop is cute, or just part of the ‘terrible twos.’ If your child has decided to act like an utter and complete ass in public it is up to you, as the parent, to pull in the reins and be considerate of those around you.

TIP Acting like a fool yourself by yelling, screaming, threatening or pulling your child through an establishment by the armpits does nothing to HELP your situation.
In fact, it only makes people think that you are incapable, inadequate or in need of some sort of psychological help yourself. Plus, any good parent knows you don’t fight a tantrum with a tantrum. That is what parenting experts around the world would refer to as a lose lose proposition.

The following tips, are lessons in consideration for when your child is acting like a nutcase!

  1. First and foremost, if your child is throwing ketchup, disrupting other diners or patrons of any establishment and they will not stop, get your check, get your things, and move on. Just because you decided to procreate DOES NOT mean that the world around you should feel sorry for you, or somehow be inundated with the shrieks and screams of your children.
  2. Never fight fire with fire. Your kids being a butt. Be firm, use an acceptable voice, and add a consequence to the situation. If this doesn’t work, then remove yourself from the public eye by going to the restroom or your car, and have a private yet firm conversation. If that doesn’t work, see tip #1.
  3. You think your child is cute. But that doesn’t mean that other people want to talk to, interact with, or entertain your child. Many people in restaurants and parks tend to allow their children to communicate with and interact with perfect strangers. What if those perfect strangers don’t want to talk to your child? It doesn’t make them bad people, and you should respect and be aware of this fact.
  4. If your child is biting, causing problems at the playground, tattle tailing, cutting inline or being a downright pain in the ass, bad mannered heathen then leave the playground. The other parents there should not have to discipline YOUR child, nor should they feel the need to tell their kids to stay away from your child. Plus, with behavior like this, your child doesn’t deserve to be at the playground.
  5. WATCH YOUR KIDS DAMMIT! Too often, in too many place, too many parents bring their kids places and then disappear into smart phone land or laptop luxury, leaving the rest of the world responsible for making sure your child doesn’t get injured. Seriously. Be a parent and WATCH your own child.
  6. Make sure your child has a nap before you go anyplace. If you have a 4pm wedding to go to, don’t assume that all the attendees will be understanding of the fact that your child skipped their nap and is now tearing up the floral arrangements or talking over the preacher giving his vows. They won’t. If you have plans, plan accordingly. And if you cannot plan according, plan for a babysitter or stay at home.
  7. If you are carrying an infant with you, make sure that they too are fed and prepared for the outing.
  8. Take your child, to child appropriate venues! There is no need for them to be sitting at a bar, or at a movie theatre at midnight, or at comic club. Don’t just assume that since your child is well behaved, that they won’t be a problem for other people. Many people go to adult only establishments to get away from kids theirs and YOURS.

Look, kids will be kids. But kids need responsible adults to use common sense. If your kid is making a scene then tip #1 is for you. It is not the requirement or responsibility for others to pay the price for your procreation. Be considerate! Not everyone is going to sympathize with what you are going through.



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