List of Companies That Are Helping Out During the COVID-19 Crisis

Presently, as the number of coronavirus cases are ramping up, many big companies are coming forward to fight COVID-19. Some businesses are donating cash, while others are ensuring medical and non-medical assistance. Here I’m going to list five major companies that have pledged their support during this challenging time:

#1: Revive MD

Revive is a well-known company that offers quality supplements to ensure the fitness, strength, purity, and composition of its customers with superior product formula. It is an excellent source of joint health, organic health, daily essentials, and recovery. However, during a difficult time of COVID-19, Revive MD is working on immune boost injections to protect people from coronavirus attack. It is said that Zinc is the core nutrient that people must have to stay healthy and fight off harmful bacteria and viruses. Vitamin C is required to support cellular defense functions. Glutathione (GHC) is also needed to ensure the optimal functioning of the immune system. Therefore, Revive MD is offering immune boost injections (a particular combination of all these substances) to safeguard human health against COVID-19.

#2: Amazon

Globally, millions of people have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus breakdown. However, Amazon is doing great as people are house quarantined, and they desire supplies while sitting at homes. Thus, we can say that the jobs of the workers employed with Amazon are safe even during hard times. By looking at this, Amazon has announced 100K new jobs to support unemployed people and provide a steady source of income to them. Amazon is also helping out its current employees by increasing their salaries. Amazon is roughly offering a $15/hour wage to its employees. Moreover, Amazon is collaborating with health officials to make sure of the safety of its workforce and commodities.

#3: Apple

Apple is a renowned tech company that is supporting others during the times of COVID-19 crises. It has donated $15 million to fight the global virus and protect vulnerable lives. Apple has committed to continuous donations in order to lessen the negative influence of pandemic on the economy and community. It is noticed that Apple has donated 10 million masks to help the medical community of the USA. Just like Microsoft, Apple has also continued to pay its workers even if they are not coming to work. This workforce includes daily wagers, employees working in retail stores, and office staff.

#4: Alibaba

It is observed that many West countries have recorded more rates of COVID-19 infection as compared to African countries. However, Jack Ma, who is a founder of Alibaba-a giant e-commerce set up in China, is taking no risks at all. He has contributed 6 million masks, 1.1 million testing kits, and 60K face shields & safety suits. All of these have been delivered to Ethiopia in East Africa, from where they will be further distributed to other continents of Africa. Jack Ma stated that it is our prime responsibility to stand up and take collective actions. He further added that China is also helping other countries like Italy by sending equipment, teams of medical staff, masks, and needed respirators.

#5: Companies to Facilitate Education

Internationally, the education sector has been closed to the regular classroom scenario. Currently, many education companies have been coming forward to help schools, teachers, and parents during this tough time. They are putting efforts to ensure digital learning. Logitech has supported virtual teaching by offering free headsets and webcams to K-12 teachers. Audible is making sure to develop a collection of new topics to learn. It is offering multiple free titles to students and children. Babble is providing three months of free language learning sessions. Zoom is delivering free services to schools to make sure online classes continue. It has even extended its half-hour meeting limit. Moreover, providers like Comcast, Spectrum, and Cox are providing free internet services to low-income families with K-12 students.

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