Living in a Soft Society – Is the World Going Downhill

Are we living in a soft society? Has political corrected-ness completely diminished honesty in nearly every aspect of life? Is this soft society a friendlier, more human place to be – or is it really hurting the generations to come?

In recent years across the world, the ideas of a soft society have moved front and center to nearly every political debate. Today, there are more people living on entitlement programs than ever before in the world’s history. Bullying is receiving national attention and the freedom of speech is somehow only granted as long as what we are saying falls safely within the boundaries of being politically correct. Nearly every branch of government, and every lesson in school is taught in a manner that is designed to be non-offensive. For example, one Atlanta school district recently sent homework home to its students that combined math problems with their lessons in American History. The social studies block they were learning about involved slavery. When parents read the questions that cleverly included slavery and math – they were outraged. So much so, that two teachers lost their jobs and an in-depth investigation was launched accusing the mostly black school district of racism.

In today’s sporting events for children, nearly every child expects a participant award. Years ago, you won a trophy or a ribbon for excelling at something rather than for just showing up. Today, kids are receiving awards for coming in 1st, 2nd, third and even last. This lesson in and of itself seems to be teaching kids that as long as they ‘participate’ in life – even without much success, that they are deserving of something. Gone are the days where awards are based on achievements, because society believes that awarding those excelling hurts the self-esteem of those that are not.

One school district in Canada recently banned children playing with any sort of hard balls, due to the fact that children might get hurt. Today’s kids are biking around their neighborhoods and skate boarding wearing helmets, a LAW which is enforceable by police. Football players in many school districts across the United States are not allowed to hold afternoon practices if the outside temperatures reach too high numbers.

The ‘No child left Behind,” platform spouted by political activists in the United States aimed at improving US schools, which was essentially put in place to try and put all students on a level playing field – has subsequently back fired. Inclusion classrooms, which were part of this plan, blends high achieving students with the lowest achieving students in one grade in the hopes that the high achieving students will ‘rub off’ on their lacking counterparts. In the end, the reverse has been found to be true, and the US will now be phasing out the nationwide program. Which also by the way, entitles…yes ENTITLES students with lice to be permitted back into school districts after 3 days, even if the lice and the eggs are still present. Forget that their lice can easily infest another child. This program, and hundreds more have moved accountability from parents to educators and from students to teachers.

Criminals, even sexual predators are rehabilitated during incarceration. People in jail have so many rights that there are literally tons of people seeking to get arrested so they can get a hot meal, medical attention and even clean clothes. Parents convicted of abusing their children are given opportunities to ‘win’ their children back by taking parenting classes. Drug addicts cannot be fired from unionized companies without the option of rehabilitation. And then we have the 49% of US society that no longer has the desire nor the ability to take care of themselves. But since these people are ‘disabled,’ or ‘helpless’ or flat out don’t have any money – the rest of society is carrying the burden of taking care of them. Why? Because how would it make us look if we actually forced people to be responsible for their lives?

Anti-bullying campaigns, and even anti- childhood obesity campaigns are teaching children (and adults) that they are the victims of their society rather than holding them personally accountable for their actions. It has become unethical to call Negros, ‘black people,’ or refer to people from other countries as ‘foreigners.’ In fact, it has become nearly impossible to say anything without it being misconstrued by some sect of society. This was evident with Jennifer Anniston’s reference to the R-Word (retarded) during a lighthearted television interview. Is ‘retarded’ now a bad word? Because according to the dictionary it is not a profanity and is used to describe people that have reduced mental capability.

Are we Becoming too Soft as a Society?

The answer is yes. And sadly, the softness being based around the playgrounds via nerf balls rather than soccer balls is not making any one any nicer. Incidents of violent crime, bloodshed, and even war are at all time highs. If we are evolutionizing as a kinder, gentler society – then what pray tell is up with all of this hatred and animosity?

The truth is that life is difficult. You are going to get your feelings hurt whether you want to or not. There will always be one person who is better at something than you and your child are. There will always be dangers, no matter how much padding or protective gear we wear. There will always be hatred to some degree and there will always be the have nots and the have mores. Life, as it was in the beginning of time and through evolution, will always be a ‘survival of the fittest’ game with definitive winners and losers. And each of us, has a choice of being either a winner or a loser.



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  1. Yikes. This is a bitter POS who wrote this article. I hate people and keeping up with the status quo like the next guy but this is ridiculous…what a pathetic soap box. Stop complaining on the Internet and go do something about it

  2. “It has become unethical to call Negros, ‘black people,’ or refer to people from other countries as ‘foreigners.’”

    Actually, it’s unethical to call black people “Negros.” Nobody at large’s used “Negroes” to describe African-Americans in several decades–esp. those deliberately trying to invoke the past.

    Particularly given all the bloody history and racial stigma surrounding the issue, and how close it is to “Nigger,” it makes complete sense if “Negroes” should bother some folks, given the evil history behind it–and how much disdain still lingers with some like yourself.

    (And I don’t care if “black people use ‘nigga’–that’s a red herring. It doesn’t reinstates white society to use ‘nigger’ or uninvited use of the affectionized ‘nigga.’)

    Racism is one aspect that many like yourself don’t care to admit. You pretty much whine when folks like yourself have given others far more to be concerned about. As if there WEREN’T a deep history of hanging “Negros” from trees.

    That’s not political correctness. That’s dealing with an ugly truth you don’t like facing. I’m no fan of “political correctness” myself. It’s softened society to detrimental levels. But there’s also such a thing as minimizing your own being a total dick. That’s what you’re doing.

  3. I like how the other comments help support your article. People need to grow up and learn the fact that the world isn’t a nice place where people say and do nice things. Its like they don’t want to experience hardships or bad feelings.

  4. A massive lie in the article, Wars and violence are at an all time low not high.
    Reporting is at an all time high. We are now bombarded with negative news.

    I will say this, empires fall when their population goes soft. Empire building is a brutal business. Ask any native American how brutally the west was won. Ask any Irishman how the Brit terrorised Ireland under empire.
    The bullies do the winning in history.

  5. This article taught me nothing I didn’t already know , in fact it teaches you nothing you can’t learn from reading the title, it’s an empty article based off of no real info and isn’t worth reading, it’s the equivalent to adding extra words in an essay to boost the word count

  6. Ironic, how the average near-illiterate clown comments with great confidence on wars & violence or even abouth ethics, who cares about your ethics? Don’t get me wrong, you have the right to despise other’s ethics or the lack of it, but as soon as you encourage measures against others based on your “different” and utterly primitive blanket “good person” ethics, advocating social / societal exclusion, or violence, you’re a terrorist.

    It is precisely this kind of soft-violence the article probably intended to convey, softie idiots replacing one kind of violence with another, much more sinister type, trying to convince everyone they’re simply entitled to the whole of society acting on their behalf, executing their own little personal sentence.

    I’ll teach you something you probably didn’t (want to) know: you’re a retard, a perfect example of the slightly below-average boring meat filling of this planet, who knows precisely never to achieve anything even mentionable. And this age, is your short-lived paradise, where your sandwich-filler kind is not only entitled, but must actually be praised, cuddled, and welcome. “Or else.” The age of the terrorism of retards. There has never been a fascist rule before that attempted to cleanse retards, and there has also never been a better excuse for it than the cancel culture of the collective of retards. Think of what you really encourage by celebrating idiocy. Or do you think humanity will politely and politically correctly withdraw from the universe?

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