Living Rooms Designed For Living

Remember growing up and the living room was the special room that only got used when company came? Perhaps there were even clear furniture covers over the seating to protect it when it wasn’t being used. Well times have changed! Today’s living rooms are meant to be used, lived in, and loved all the time not only on special occasions or when company comes over. Here are just a few of some of the many fabulous living rooms out there today.

Young Family Living Room

Living Rooms Designed For Living 1

Retired Couple Living Room

Living Rooms Designed For Living 2

What are the secrets to having a living room that you can truly live in every day of the week? Material choices are definitely a key consideration. You don’t want to upholster the seating in delicate fabrics like silk, or easily stained and not easily fabrics like white cotton (unless they are removable slip covers). Fortunately we live in the era when textile choices that look great and perform great are easily found. We recommend polyester fabrics that look and feel like chenille fabric (soft to the touch) that wear well and clean up well. Outdoor fabrics are a fabulous option when you have pets or young children (or messy husbands). We often use Commercial grade fabrics in homes for extra durability.

Flooring is another element that will help determine how approachable and easy to maintain your living room will be. Skip the ivory colored wall to wall carpeting and opt for hard surface flooring like wood, cork or tile and then use fabulous area rugs to provide color, pattern and softness to the room.

Living Rooms Designed For Living 3

Lighting is important so you can create a mood for your living room. Lights on dimmers help to make the room ambient and soft for entertaining, or bright enough to relax and read a book by. Make sure to have not only overhead lighting but table and/or floor lamps too.

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