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Living Tips for Those Moving To the South

For many people moving to the sunshine state is a dream that is realized during their retirement. For others the booming job market in certain southern states are attracting huge influxes of people moving their on a yearly basis. The south is unlike any other region of the country with its wildlife, nature, and of course people. There are some things that will take some time to get used to like the thunderstorms that make the house shake while native southerners giggle at these as they happen daily in the summer during the afternoon. The following are just a few tips for those moving to Florida.

Sunscreen is Your Friend

There are those people that believe once they move to the South that they will not need sunscreen because of their tan. Even those who are in the sun daily know that the UV index on some hot summer days can cause sun poisoning if proper sunscreen isn’t utilized. Those with fair skin who live in the Gulf States a should always have a bit in the car or a purse. Sitting outside for lunch in the sun can be enough to cause these people to burn. The Gulf has has nearly year round sun to get a tan so do not overdo it in your first couple of months as this can be harmful to your skin.

Avoid Lakes as a Rule

In the colder climates lakes are one of the best places to swim and even wade out to fish. In Florida this should be avoided unless in a boat of some kind because of the various wildlife that you might encounter. Venomous snakes nest near banks and alligators can be found in a majority of bodies of water in the state that are not monitored. Combine this with the snapping turtles that you will see on a daily basis when near a lake and staying away will seem like a great idea. In the Florida you are never too far from the ocean or a canal so enjoy these things. When living near a lake keeping small pets away from the water’s edge can save their or your life.

Ask a Local to Take You Fishing

Moving down to the South for those who are fanatics of fishing is a dream come true. There are plenty of opportunities for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. There are piers that are great to fish on and a multitude of bridges to fish under or off of. Ask a local that you have befriended if they can take you fishing as finding great fishing spots can increase your successful fishing trips immensely. If you want to go offshore, looking into booking a fishing charter can be a great way to feel the thrill of a huge grouper or tarpon.

Indulge In a Variety of Foods

It seems that every person living in the South originated somewhere else as native Southerners have taken hints of cultures from around the world. Cajun really is just another word for “Southern French fair” and it’s not hard to find. This means there is a huge variety of cultures and food to experiment with. Trying a Cuban sandwich is a staple of many new Gulf State residents with there being a rich Cuban history in much of the states. Try a plethora of foods that you have not tried before as you might find you love something.

Maintain Your Home

Those who come from more moderate climates will not realize the stress that the constant heat in Florida causing an air conditioning unit. The AC going out in the middle of the hottest day of summer is something that nightmares are made out of. AC repair is easy to find throughout the state but maintenance is the most important thing that can be done.

A biannual checkup of your AC unit might seem excessive but it can help avoid a complete AC replacement as problems tend to compound.  Due to the humidity of the climate in the south it is very easy for mold to setup.  Without it proper HVAC, the need for mold repair will come up, and you’ll be left with two bills to pay!

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