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Locating Lost Dogs: Tools That Can Help You

Find out about the most helpful tools available to you if you lose your beloved pet.

Losing a dog can be incredibly upsetting and challenging to deal with. However, it is important that you know that you are not alone and there are many services available to help.

If you have lost your dog you can choose to use Shadow, your local charity services, neighborhood flyers or online services. These are just some examples of the amazing tools available to help you reunite with your dog.

To help you get the best possible chance of finding your pet again, take a look at the best tools on offer for locating lost dogs:


Primarily, you are the best tool to help find your lost dog. You know him best, you know where he may go or how he may feel. Particularly on the first day of your dog escaping, you are the best tool for looking in the areas your pet is likely to be.

Local Rescues & Animal Control

Your local rescues and animal control can take a filed report from you to ensure they know you are looking for a lost pet. Some of them may need you to call every day to check if your dog has been taken in. Others have their own tools for you to utilize to help you find out if they have your pet.

Handy Apps

There are a wide range of pet finder apps available that could help you find your dog. Some of the best dog locating apps available are:

  • Find Shadow
  • Nextdoor Pet Directory
  • Pawscout Pet Finder
  • Finding Rover
  • Whistle Pet
  • The Nuzzle
  • Pet pace
  • Pet cub

The best apps available can use technology to help you not only prevent your dog getting lost, but finding him if he does go missing.

Dogs Finding Dogs & Similar Organisations

Dogs finding dogs is a charity that helps owners find their lost dogs. They have to agree to take on your case, but when they do they can help track and find lost pets.

There are lots of charities and organizations out there offering similar services and help. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with them and utilize their services, particularly if you have exhausted all the initial dog finding options yourself.

Online & Offline Advertising

Advertising in high traffic areas, whether that is online or in the real physical world, can be an effective way of finding your dog.

You can advertise in local grocery stores and on posts and fences, but it doesn’t cost much to rent a bigger sign elsewhere. A huge sign briefly describing your pet and listing a contact number could be seen by the right person and ultimately lead to a call about your pet.


If you know that your dog is a bit skittish and they won’t be caught by you, then trapping could be an excellent tool for you to use.

You can borrow a trap from a local facility or charity that has them, and use it to trap your dog back into safety.

Placing your pet’s favorite treats inside the trap in a quiet area they are likely to return to is a really good idea. If you are concerned your pet might be hurt or scared when you trap him, ensure you are prepared when you return to the trap. Blankets, an easy pet loop leash, and water are all handy items to take with you.

Ideally, if you know he is close you can watch the trap from afar so as soon as he is caught you can regain control of him.

Hopefully, the tools listed above have you feeling a little more in control of finding your lost dog.

By using each and every tool that is available to help you find your lost pet, you have the highest possible chances of being reunited with them again.

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Losing one’s dog can be really stressful. These methods seem to be really helpful.


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