Losing a Job – Stay Positive and Start Looking for Work

In this crazy mixed up economic downward spiral there are literally thousands of people losing a job every day. Often there is no rhyme or reason to it; and no matter what it is usually met with anxiety, depression, worry and emotional pain. If you have a family to support the results of losing a job can be catastrophic! There is nothing anyone can say to alleviate the pain or make you feel better. Unfortunately, you have to surge forward!

The old saying “that which doesn’t kill us, only makes us stronger” is applicable in this situation. It may not feel like that at first; but there is truth in the lending that each time one door closes; another opens! Losing a job can be just the thing to redirect you toward a career that you are really passionate about. Many people find that when they lose a job they begin to experience a personal feeling of freedom that has been hidden for years. Why? Because often making changes is the most difficult aspect of life; but when we are forced to change we can realign our energies with the things in life that are most important. If you can make it through the financial hurdles; you may find that you are better off in the long run.

There are some strategies that economists recommend when you lose your job. Initially, you should be willing, ready and able to negotiate with your employer for a severance package that is beneficial to you. Once they offer you one thing; ask for another and absolutely ensure that you are being treated fairly with the medical insurance that you are being offered. The second strategy is to get recommendation letters and oaths of performance from your employer and outside companies that you may have worked with. You are more likely to get a job when you have valid references under your belt. This also helps you to network your “unemployment” status to outside organizations that you are familiar with and can help you to get your foot in the door to a new opportunity. The third strategy is to not only apply or look for work that pays the same and has the same job description as the one you currently held. Remaining versatile, flexible and willing to see new opportunities as opportunity will get you back in the work place quicker. If you simply need to earn money; then take the first job you can find that helps to keep your bills in line.

Another financial strategy for losing a job is to immediately look at the household expenses that you can easily cut. Families find out quickly all the extra money they are paying for cable services, home phone service(when they have cells), child care, food, eating out, fuel and other non-important monthly expenses that you may forgotten about. Cancel services right away and if you are in the middle of a billing period you may find that you will get a few refund checks. Contact creditors and take advantage of any credit protection services that they may offer you, lowering interest rates and saving your credit rating. As long as you can stay afloat; you will be fine! It is always recommended; especially now with the stock market being so unsteady- to not touch pensions or stocks programs unless absolutely necessary. In fact, a consolidation loan or home refinance may be more lucrative in the long run than cashing in on retirement plans. There are tons of useful and free financial services available that can help you to make good decisions! You can also check out free online services like LowerMyBills.com for more tips on how you can lower your monthly expenses. You will be able to compile and compare plans and rates across multiple monthly services, which will, in turn, help you find the lowest rates and most competitive plans for all your monthly bills.

Of course there is more to consider than financial ramifications. Emotionally you must take some time for yourself. Relax, reconnect with yourself, enlist family and friends for support and regain the blow to your esteem that losing a job sometimes causes! When you adjust your frame of mind you will no doubt be able to figure things out and quite possibly see that a better way has been waiting for you all along. Often this frees up your time and eliminates many of the excuses people find to “not” pursue that often lucrative and sensational idea that will help them to earn from home or earn by starting their own business. A good swift kick in the butt never hurts anyone!

There really is more to life than work. Whether due to necessity or because we have become routine it is an easy thing to forget. Joblessness is never easy and it may require that you use your creative ability to think outside of the box and remain positive in order to fix; but it is not the end of the world. For so many people part of finding anything is knowing where to look and how to remain open to it so it can come your way. Your new job is out there waiting for you! As long as you remain confident and wise with your financial decisions; chances are in just a few short months you will look back and be grateful for the fact that you experienced losing a job!



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