Make Your Boyfriend Go Crazy in Bed With These 10 Hot Ideas

Did you know that only 61% of women say the sex in their marriage is good, while 80% of men say the same? Sex can become routine and boring after being with one partner for a long time, whether you’re married or not, so it’s important to keep the romance and desire alive.

But what are your options with bringing spice back into your sex life? Luckily, there are tips and tricks to help you rekindle your romance between the sheets. Interested in learning how?

Then keep reading to learn all the ways you can instantly make your sex life exciting again. You’ll learn how to bring the passion back with new things to try in bed with your boyfriend.

  1. Try Lingerie

If you’re looking for new things to try in bed with your partner to bring back some of the passion you had during the early days of your relationship, you can try buying some lingerie.

Things can become stagnant when in a long-term relationship. You know each other’s bodies so well already. Bringing new lingerie into the bedroom can make things exciting again and improve your sex life.

  1. Sex Outside of the Bedroom

Changing your location can bring something new to a relationship. There’s something fun and exciting about having to be sneaking around like you did when you were young.

Think of a place you’ve always wanted to have sex at and suggest it to your partner. It can be as simple as your backyard pool or on the living room couch. Some couples get excited about having sex in nature, try something new and see if it makes the sex fun again.

  1. Change Power Positions

Looking for sexy new things to try in bed? Why not change up the power positions?

Is your boyfriend the more dominant one in bed? You can try taking charge during sex. This is a huge turn-on for a lot of men so it can be an avenue for exploration to change things up.

Discuss your boundaries before trying anything new but it could be fun to experiment and let the opposite partner take a more active role during sex from time to time.

  1. Use Lube

There are always new tools you can bring into the bedroom to help enhance the experience. Lube is a great thing to let both partners feel more pleasure and, in turn, be more satisfied with the sex.

Applying lubricant before sex can increase sensitivity in your erogenous zones and make orgasm more enjoyable during sex. You can also try delay spray for men. This spray helps delay ejaculation and will let your boyfriend last longer so both of you can feel more pleasure from sex.

  1. Keep the Room Bright

Other fun new things to try in bed include keeping the room bright. While it might feel more intimate for you and your boyfriend to explore senses like touch, sight is a major part of enjoying sex.

Being able to see your body is a major turn-on for your boyfriend. It might feel self-conscious at first, but part of the reason your partner is with you is because they find you attractive.

  1. The Art of Seduction

After being with your partner for a long time sex can become predictable. This is the fastest way to lose the romance and passion that helped you fall in love in the first place.

Use seduction to make your boyfriend excited for a night of pleasure. Do something surprising like texting him something dirty in the middle of the day.

Welcome him home by opening the front door naked. Whatever turns on your partner, use it to seduce him.

  1. Try Bondage

New kinky things to try in bed can also include a session of bondage if both partners consent. Bondage is one of the most common kinks out there.

Consider tying up your boyfriend or letting him tie you up and things will surely get hot and heavy during sex. You can use handcuffs, rope, a scarf; you have lots of options to choose from without the need to walk into a sex shop.

  1. Play Out Each Other’s Fantasies

Talk about your fantasies, talk about his fantasies, everyone’s got them. Both partners should feel comfortable sharing what they want to try in bed without fear of judgment.

A good partner will be open to trying new things. Ask your boyfriend what kind of fantasy he has. Maybe it’s roleplaying as a doctor and nurse, or perhaps he wants to try a bit of spanking.

  1. Use Sex Toys

Some crazy new things to try in bed include incorporating different sex toys. The sex toy market continues to grow with some toys catered to women while others are catered towards men.

A sex toy is always a way to enhance sex and make the experience more fun for both partners. You can pick from vibrators, cock rings, anal beads; whatever gets you and your boyfriend off.

  1. Different Positions Can Spice Things up

The key to making sex better is changing up positions from time to time. While you might already know your partner’s body well, new positions can bring new sensations of pleasure you haven’t felt before.

There are lots of online resources you can read to learn about new positions your boyfriend will love. There are many positions designed for his and her pleasure. Feel free to try them all.

Check Out This List of New Things to Try in Bed With Your Boyfriend

This guide has all the tips for new things to try in bed with your boyfriend to make sex exciting again. Lube, delay sprays, sex toys, and new positions are just a few things you can try incorporating into your sex life today.

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