Making Fitness A Part Of Your Lifestyle

As you set the goal to start leading a healthier lifestyle and getting into better shape, one thing that you must take some time to consider is the many ways that you can make fitness a part of your lifestyle.

While it’s true that gym workouts are one great way to get fit and in shape quickly, what’s not true is that you must do these in order to have success.

It’s perfectly possible to get into great physical shape without having to go to the gym each day if you look for little ways to make fitness a part of your lifestyle.

Or, if you simply want to combine your gym workouts with other activities so there’s more to your program than just what you do in the gym, that’s another reason why you might start seeking out how you can make fitness a part of your lifestyle.

Let’s take a look at a few of the top things that you should keep in mind in order to make fitness a part of your lifestyle.

Consider Adult Recreational Leagues

The very first thing to think about when trying to make fitness a part of your lifestyle is to consider getting involved in an adult recreational league that piques your interest.

Many people often have played team sports growing up through high school and college or university, but when the adult years hits and a full time career ensues, those team sports tend to get thrown out the window.

They then become a former activity that you used to enjoy.

To help make fitness a part of your lifestyle, consider adding these team sports back into the picture. Adult recreational leagues are a great way to get in shape, burn some calories, and have a great deal of fun. For many people by making the exercise session a social event as well, it really increases their desire to participate.

Whether it’s basketball, soccer, or some other activity that you think you’d enjoy, make sure to give it some serious consideration and look into teams around your area. Often the time commitment isn’t all that high, so it’s easy to add into your schedule.

Stay Active During Your Daily Routine

Another great way to make fitness a part of your lifestyle is look for ways that you can stay more active during your daily routine.

For example, get up and walk around every hour while you’re working. Staying completely sedentary at a desk for hours at a time is not healthy and can quickly lead to weight gain. You would be surprised what a quick 3-5 minute walk every hour will do to help offset this.

Get up and go to the washroom, refill your glass of water, or walk to the printer. By the end of the day you’ll likely notice that you have far more energy as well.

When you’re out of the office, start moving around more also. Walk to check the mail after dinner or turn the TV off and start a home renovation project in the evening hours. Just do something to get you up and moving around rather than staying sedentary all day long.

Seek Out Adventurous Holidays

Another great way to bring fitness into your lifestyle is to plan an active vacation. These are becoming more and more popular by a wide variety of individuals and are a great way to get away from the everyday without saying so long to your fitness plan.

Whether you decide you’d like to go on a yoga retreat, stay in the mountains and do some white water rafting, or seek out other healthy and fitness-based alternatives. There are plenty of options to choose from that will promote a more active lifestyle during your time away from home.

These are also a great way to meet other like-minded individuals, so the entire experience becomes very enjoyable.

Get Active In Short Bursts

Finally, the last way to bring fitness into your everyday lifestyle is to consider being active in bursts. If you are looking for a more ‘gym based’ method of staying fit but can’t commit to full hour-long sessions at the gym, remember that you can reap just as many benefits from short bursts of activity as well.

Try waking up 10 minutes earlier and going for a brisk walk around your block to jump-start your metabolism and energize you as you head out for the morning.

At lunch, get up again and walk to pick up your meal rather than staying at your desk and working the full way through.

After work, get home and perform a quick 10 minute circuit training routine involving full body movements such as squats, shoulder presses, lunges, push-ups, and burpees. This will help enhance your muscle strength and keep your metabolism going into the evening.

By the day’s end you’ll have totalled 30 minutes of activity without hardly even noticing it.

So there you have a few quick ideas to bring fitness into your lifestyle. If you can be sure to use any one or combination of these tips, you’ll be moving in the right direction.



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