Marriage in Digital Era – 8 Apps for Couples

The times have definitely changed. We can either feel nostalgic about the good old days when marriage was kept within the four walls, or we can choose to adapt to this social shift of the modern century and take matters into our own hands.

Waiting for his or her letter for at least one week to find out if the business trip was a success is no longer an acceptable lifestyle in our age. This may look cute and lovely for a movie, but now things are different. We live in an interconnected world now, and the cyberspace gave us the opportunity to communicate with our better halves no matter the space and time boundaries.

However tricky the technology can be, we can’t ignore the fact that it is a ubiquity in our lives. Couples may fall for the fascination of social media to the extent of losing grip of the real world, but learning how to control the cyber time is part of the process of adopting technology into their lifestyle. In this article, we rounded up the best eight ways in which couples can amplify their love for each other with the use of apps.


The apps have gotten the stigma that they feel too impersonal for love matters, but the important factor is the people behind the app itself. This free iOS app takes care of one of the most tedious parts of a marriage, and that is planning events. Usually, the married couple has too many professional and personal chores. The idea of a fun and relaxing date slowly fades away when the only spare time for both seems to be in the late evenings.

SimpleUs finds its users the perfect time for a date by syncing the calendars together. It works perfectly with all the calendars, such as Google, Hotmail, Outlook and more, which is usually a rare feature for a couple’s app. With just a little organization, the life can seem manageable again. Couples can also share to-do and grocery lists and projects together. It is also a great addition to the multitude of ways people can communicate through chats in real time and it ensures private text sessions for the couple.


There are always little moments when an elegant gesture is welcomed. Whether the wife is going through a rough time at work or she simply needs more appreciation for her daily proves of love, her partner can now surprise her with just some clicks on the iPhone.

BloomThat delivers beautiful blooms all over the USA in just one day. The customers have already confirmed that the wonderful flower arrangements look just like the pictures in the app, and they are fresh and seasonal. The flowers have always been a gesture of innocent love, especially when sent spontaneously.


The moments before bed are among the few ones a married couple has for themselves. They can finally unwind from their busy days, and do relaxing things, like reading, watching TV or PillowTalk!

This app brings a 5-minute episode every night that encourages with a beautiful voice to intimate things that couples do. From eye-gazing to kissing, PillowTalk strengthens the intimate bond between two partners through easy and permissive sessions. New episodes are being created fortnightly, but each experience can be lived differently and enriched with personal touches.


Spending all the days together makes it harder to rely on restaurants or home delivery to keep the sparkle alive. Since the way to somebody’s heart is through their stomach, the perfect recipes are needed on a daily basis.

The BigOven iOS app has over 350,000 ideas for couples to experience good food together in the privacy of their home. They can also be presented with grocery list, and they also can plan the menu for a whole week ahead. Its most life saving feature is the Use Up Leftovers, which tells you how to deliciously combine the food you already have in the fridge.


app-article-8a Pinterest is mostly known as a social media platform, but it can do so much more than that. Usually, the enthusiasm when couples are shopping for presents for each other is in danger after some time. This might happen when the ideas for the ideal gifts are coming in lesser numbers. The more you know somebody, the more complex they appear, and just one thing doesn’t seem good enough to cover all their preferences.

To avoid such gift block, a Pinterest board intended just for wishes will do the trick. Even asked directly, people don’t know what they want on the spot.  So keeping track of the personal wishes over time might lead couples to a more fulfilled and creative life together.


There are times when a married couple has finally a free day all just for themselves, but they can’t decide what to do. The specific preferences and moods are shrinking the list of fun ideas down. The free day can turn into a stay-at-home day very fast.

However, Yelp can prove to be a helpful guide in these situations. You can find local restaurants, bars, coffee & tea shops and other hot businesses from your area. The users are encouraged to contribute with reviews about the location, food, and service so the couple’s date night will be exactly how they read it would be. Nothing more, nothing less, the couple has access to a vast source of fun ideas and their expectations won’t be ruined by the unexpected.

The Gottman Love Jungle

Love can also be experienced through some game time fun! Dr. John Gottman is a world known marriage researcher who has pointed some useful principles of love itself.

The Love Jungle is a Windows tool that is based on gamification and research in the field of marriage. There are six simple exercises, and each one of them educates the players into one principle of marriage found by Dr. Gottman. The exercises are based on more than 60 years of clinical practices, and the users can benefit from them through a game-like environment.


One of the problems that may damage the health of a relationship is the financial issue. Money decisions are usually very stressful, from shopping beyond the budget to making sure to pay the bills on time. This source of stress can be easily avoided in the life of the couple with one powerful app.

Mint is one platform that organizes all the financial problems. It does a great work monitoring bank accounts and credit cards, so every financial decision can be based on numbers and not hunches. The married couple can create budgets for every segment of their life and sync them with each other. This will make the investment in the future richer, and the terrible worries about money will be kept at bay.

So, these are the eight applications that work in favor of a more profound relationship. It is fun and easy to make technology work even for the married couple.

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