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“A pedicure, at a spa? You’ve got to be kidding.”

Growing up I always thought “Spas” and the services they offer were a thing that only women experienced. My mom and my sister would paint their nails together and do other girly things like this. They would also get pedicures and manicures done at the local salon. I would just hear about them doing this and think “whatever the heck those were?” in regards to pedicures and manicures. For my entire childhood and throughout my teen years and I guess into what you would call adulthood I had never even given a second thought to these treatments as anything other than “things that girls have done to them to look pretty.” Then one day all of this would change for me.

I remember a couple of years back when I could not have been any older than 20 or 21 and I was spending some lovely time with my girlfriend. I remember I caught her starring at my feet and she informed me that she would like to get me a pedicure for one of my Christmas presents, if I would let her. I laughed, thinking this was hilarious and I told her “no way” and that “that sort of thing was simply for girls” and I thought she had to have been joking. She told me she was not kidding and instead serious. I did not know what to think.

I knew my feet could use a little work but I also felt that keeping them a little rough was a part of being manly and to get them all treated up would be more of a feminine move. She assured me that a lot of men get pedicures and even manicures nowadays, and I told her to get lost. I did not believe her. But then she went on to explain that even her father, a man’s man, a guy’s guy, and not to mention a very talented lawyer (a man I had a lot of respect for), has actually gotten them before. This made me think a little bit more about it, but nigh, my socialized belief that simply women have these things done to them took over and I told her that a pedicure was not for me. She said that was fine but told me to at least think about the idea.

So I did just that, I thought about it for a little while. I thought, “It would be nice to get my feet cleaned up, to get rid of some of this dead skin, etc.” But then I also thought, “But my feet are so ticklish, it would drive me crazy.” And also I was a varsity football player at University at the time and I thought “what is the point? My feet will just get abused in my cleats and in the shower and all of that”. So I shrugged off the idea for then and it did not re-enter into my brain for quite a while.

In fact, it was not until a year or so later when she brought up the idea again. This time I was a little more open to it, but nothing ever came out of it. She never provided me with more of the information I asked for. I do not know if she thought I was kidding around, as I often did, but I would have taken a closer look into it. However, for the next two years of our five year relationship I do not think that it came up again.

Then just recently (a couple of years after her mentioning this idea to me) a number of things in my life changed. Well, for one I am no longer dating this girl, but also I have met some interesting new people along my life’s journey; including getting to know a friend of a friend who is a man that owns his own SPA, a spa that caters toward men and women. “Apparently times are changing” I thought, and I realized that men must also be, in deed, trying to take advantage of the types of primping services that women have indulged in and relied on for years. This guy who owned the spa and who took full advantage of the things that his spa offered was believe it or not, “a normal guy”. He was not some fruity dude who you would say “well that makes sense, him owning a spa and doing all of these weird things”. No, in fact, he was just like you or me. He loved sports and loved do manly things. He simply was a business man who recognized a new trend in the marketplace and who lives in a city that has a large clientele (both men and women) who are focused on aesthetic services like the ones he offers. By meeting this man my opinion of these services was beginning to change even more. My ex-girlfriend was simply trying to point out an emerging trend that she noticed and pointed out to me before anyone else had. But, it is tough to change the things you have been socialized to believe are true.

Also I recently met a girl that works as an aesthetician (these are the ones who give manicures and pedicures and do facials, etc.). She also told me that there are tonnes of guys who have services performed on them at her spa. Everything from pedicures and manicures to even some of the other “crazy things (in my mind)” like facials, she informed me. She did let me know that a lot of these guys were in deed part of that new class of males known as “metro-sexuals” (guys who are straight but are very fashion/trend conscious, etc.). But she said that there is a growing number of regular guys who are looking into these services. Whether it is from the coaxing of their wives or girlfriends or it is the influence of their metro-sexual friends; the truth is that guys just like you or your neighbour “TED” are going to check out these services. And it is worth looking into. How surprised do you think your wife would be if when the two of you were rubbing your feet in bed that your sharp dead skin and corns did not cut into hers?

Cool Spa Trends…

As a guy who might be interested in having some of these treatments performed on them you might think “Well yah, I would like to try a pedicure, but I do not want to have it done in a place where the walls are pink, I’m the only male in there, and I come out smelling like daisies.” If this is you, you are not alone.

The truth is that not only are current spas opening their doors to men; there are even spas out there that are for men only. That’s right, just for guys!

Not only are current spas often adapting their colour schemes and treatment names to include more gender neutral colours and to offer services such as “sport manicures” to appeal greater to testosterone toting clients there are even these men’s spas who have gone all out. In fact, you can actually find men’s spas/barber shops/salons, whatever you want to call them; the places of business that offer these “traditionally female” treatments to men. These places of business are adapting to what men like. By setting up salons/spas catered towards men with televisions, the ability to purchase a beer, and manly colours, themes, and smells throughout, spa owners are cashing in on the growing number of male clients. You heard me say it right, there is even a place in New York where guys can shoot pool than sit down and have their faces shaved, nails done, and have a “cold beer”. Isn’t this kind of cool?

Spas just for men and those that cater to men are also helping sceptical males get over the idea that they are travelling into this traditionally female domain by making sure they position their services as being “necessity” rather than “luxury” and as “therapy” rather than “primping”.

More and more, from coast to coast men are engaging these services and also new spas are popping up to help provide men with these newly found relaxing necessities.

So as guys, we do not need to “leave our willies at the door”, if you will, but we will have to check any stress and troubles at the door.

In fact, men are quickly catching on to the secret of the spa, a secret which women have known about for years and they are making up anywhere from 30 to 35 percent of all spa business these days.

MEN’S SPAS: Spas…they are no longer just for women.


What’s so great about a spa?

Men who travel to a spa will quickly discover that it can provide them with the kind of physical, sometimes mental, and almost spiritual therapy that seeps into their entire life; an experience that guys can’t find on the golf course, hockey rink, two-pitch diamond, or soccer field.

Another thing that guys will quickly discover, something women have known about for years, is that at the spa you are number one. By accepting your visit to the spa as a time for relaxation and “to get cleaned up” you will enjoy a sense of calmness that you can hardly find elsewhere. Besides the main goal of a spa for men is often not necessarily how you look when you leave but rather how you feel.

In today’s society, almost everyone, especially guys seem to be all GO, GO, GO. We work hard (maybe even seven days a week), we party hard, and we even work out hard in a never ending climb toward the top. The truth is most of us are in need of a huge break; a break that only a spa can provide. By travelling to your local men’s spa you are entering into a world where the treatments can de-stress you like nothing you have ever experienced. The reason for this is because of the powerful human touch, skin treatment, and body overhaul elements that a spa can provide for you. Once we as a collective gender finally realize that spas can reenergize us in a way that we truly never thought possible will have finally realized what women have known about for years; that the spa is truly where it is at.

However, this should not be your only reason for heading to your local men’s spa or local spa that offer’s men’s services. Stress management is a huge part of what spa’s offer but they are also great for helping you keep up with your male grooming. By getting rid of or helping to control your crazy eyebrows, dirty toenails and feet, and your chewed up nails you will open that special lady in your life’s eyes like never before. Don’t be afraid to try out pedicures, manicures, facials, and whatever else the spa has on tap for you. Who knows it might make you feel better than you ever have before and it also might make you look better too.

The Royal Treatment…

If you are still reading this and you have not already made your way to a spa or you are not already doing your own research about what your local men’s spa has to offer I thought I would do you a favour and give you an idea of the sorts of things you could run into.

For starters when you enter through the spa doors it will not smell like frilly flowers and a bright pink wall will not be staring back at you. Also most spas will provide you with a large bathrobe that will cover all of your body parts. You will also find massage tables that are large enough to hold a male body and you won’t find any fancy nail products being used during your pedicure or manicure, only the sort of stuff that does not show up post haste.

At most of these spas for men you will find a lot of these treatment options:

From services such as manicures, pedicures, facials, massages (various kinds from Swedish to aromatherapy), hot towel treatments, seaweed body wraps, love handles wraps, body scrubs, hot and cold stone therapy, herbal or mud baths, steam showers, hot springs, cold dips, body/extremity moisturizing, waxing, haircuts and styling. There are a number of grooming and relaxation services available to you out there at all of these men’s spas. Some of these spas even carry their own specialized products. From grooming products to health care products and vitamins that are all targeted toward their male clientele. Some of these Spas for Men are even looking to help transform men on the whole; whether it is offering lifestyle weekends where men can come and learn not only about themselves on a personal level and how to take proper care of themselves on a physical level, but also a place where they can learn proper etiquette and become “more refined”. Some spas also offer private image and wardrobe consulting to men who want to overhaul everything in their lives.

Foot massages, body massages, manicures, pedicures and facials are the most popular of these items amongst men getting treated at these Men’s Spas or spas that offer services to men. These services are more focused toward the necessary care of your skin, nails and body. Massage therapy, in a similar way to physical therapy, is being reborn as a basic physical necessity rather than a luxury; something your body requires to keep on surviving. In order to fully call themselves men’s spas, many of these masculine retreats are also providing their clients with “sports buff manicures”, “sports massages”, and even yoga; for those real guy’s guys out there.

Depending on the spa here is an idea of what some of these more popular/common treatments might cost you:>

  • MASSAGE; for around an hour long massage you will have to pay at least $100. This depends on which type of message and if any products are used as well.
  • FACIAL; depending on the length of the facial, the material used, etc. They will usually run you between $60-80.
  • PEDICURE; an average pedicure will cost around $40. With spas offering this pedicure plus more relaxing time and benefits for another $25-30, as well.
  • MANICURE; the same rules for a pedicure apply for a manicure, most of the time.
  • HAIR CUT; to have your hair cut or to have it coloured will run you at least around $40 each.
  • SCALP MASSAGE; nothing beats a good old scalp massage and to receive about an hour long one of these it will cost you approximately $60-80 at your men’s spa of choice. A dollar a minute but definitely worth checking out.
  • WAXING; this painful technique will cost you between $20-25 for your back or chest hair.

Specialty Treatments…

A lot of men’s spas out there will have specialty treatments that they pride themselves on and that maybe not a lot of other spas offer. So during your visit ask about these; if they offer something that is rarely offered anywhere else in the world than it is definitely worth looking into.

For example, at the Getaway for Men, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada they offer some specific treatments.

Such as the:

Getaway Hot Towel Treatment…

This involves two attendants using hot steamy towels to massage and relax your entire body finishing off with a twenty minute moisturizing relaxation treatment.

This sounds amazing doesn’t it? How much will it cost though? Well, for one hour the price tag is $140 and for an hour and a half it would run you $180.

Getaway Anti-Stress Treatment…

This involves 90 minutes of an ultimate pampering experience during which two attendants work your entire body through an extensive moisturizing massage (including your feet, hands, and scalp); again with the introduction of a hot towel treatment to your whole body and this great experience ends off with a power facial.

Man, I wish I could go to a spa like this right now and try something like this out. I know…you want to know how much. Well, this unforgettable experience would run you around $215.

These are just a couple examples of the sorts of specialty services these men’s spas are offering. Look into the different spas that have caught your eye for a great service like these that you would like to try out upon your visit.

Who you will find there…

In case you have not gotten the hint yet, there are all kinds of men venturing to these spas for all kinds of different treatments. A lot of men even prior to the opening of men only spas were either using the services of existing spas or were interested but just did not like the idea of attending a spa where women would also be present. But now, with the birth of the men only spa this has all been changed. Finally there is a place where these men can call at home. Men from all walks of life are trying them out; from doctors, lawyers, developers, entrepreneurs, and other professionals, to teachers, and dentists, and pretty much everyone you can think of. Mind you a lot of these guys are married men or are men in relationships who go the first time on the coaxing of their women. But, in the end they usually end up loving their experience and return again, this time on their own accord.

Still Not Convinced?

Look at me; at the beginning of this article I was just like you, I did not even want to consider the idea of a pedicure on guys. But now after doing a lot of research and looking into for myself I realize that “hey, everyone is doing it” and also that it looks like there is some really cool stuff offered at these places. I wish I could go now. If I had the money, I would. Enough about me though, what about you?

If you are still not convinced that a spa visit would be just the stress relief experience you need, what have you got to lose? Just take your next vacation block, book some time at a men’s only spa, and GO! Check it out for yourself. You will never know until you actually give it a shot. Take your girlfriend or wife with you and make a romantic time out of it. Or go with your brother or some buddies and try it out together.

When you finally make the decision to check one out make sure you do your research and find a certified and professional place that will not only offer you the great services you are curious about trying but also that will provide you with a great overall experience.



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