More Than Just Storage: Sheds Are Cool Now

Time was, garden sheds were just a place to store gardening supplies and old junk you didn’t need. They simply had to be standing to be functional- there wasn’t much else to it.

Fortunately, times have changed, and sheds have come into their own in recent years. The pandemic gave us all a new appreciation for all aspects of our homes, especially our gardens, where we could relax in safety and comfort.

Many people started to realise how vital sheds are and started to use them as more than just a dumping ground for old bikes and shovels. As a result, in just a few short years, sheds have become a status symbol for homeowners looking to embrace outdoor living.

Sheds are now so popular that the annual Shed Of The Year awards have become more than just a quirky contest and are now mainstream. When contestants started to berate the winner of the 2023 competition, the story was highly publicised, showing just how popular sheds are today.

So, what does it take to turn your ratty old shed into a beautiful garden feature you can be proud of? Keep reading for some practical tips.

Clear Out Unneeded Junk

The first step in regenerating your shed is to get rid of anything that you don’t need. Sheds often become a dumping ground for old stuff, especially if they’ve not been used in a long time or if you have limited storage space inside your home. So, you need to take the time to sort through everything that’s in your shed and work out what you actually need and what you can get rid of. Sorting through everything in your shed will allow you to see it as a blank canvas and review how much space you have.

Get Rid Of Unwanted Visitors

Once you’ve cleared out your shed, you’ll be able to see the extent of any damage that might have been done. As sheds are outside, they can be particularly vulnerable to issues such as roof damage or harm caused by pests. Rodents, such as mice, like to use garden sheds for shelter, especially if they’ve been left unattended for some time. When they’ve made themselves at home, mice can be particularly difficult to relocate, as they’re reluctant to move away from the place they now call home. Thankfully, there are services you can use to make pest control quick and easy. Professional mouse control from experts like the team at Integrum Services will get rid of the pesky rodents for good and allow you to retake control of your shed.

Add Seating And Other Comfortable Touches

If you want to use your shed for more than just storage and really make the most of it, then you need to add comfortable touches, such as seating areas and perhaps even a table. These touches can make the difference between a shed that’s just for storage and somewhere that you and your family can spend quality time in. Having a shed with seating space can be ideal for summer days when the weather is unpredictable, as you’ll have somewhere to shelter if it starts to rain.

Apply A Fresh Coat Of Paint

The outside is just as important as the inside of your shed: there’s no point in having a gorgeous, welcoming interior hidden behind an outdated, cracked facade. So, when you’re adding the finishing touches to your newly renovated shed, you should apply a fresh coat of paint. With the right paint, you can not only update the colour of your shed but also protect the material from damp so that it looks better for longer.

Finally, If All Else Fails, Consider An Upgrade

If your shed is old and tired, then it might be time to consider upgrading to a newer model. Depending on the material, sheds can have a lifespan of up to 30 years, but only if they’re well maintained. If your shed is very old or has been left unattended for a long time, then now might be the time to consider a new one. There are many amazing shed designs out there, so you can find one you love to suit your outdoor space.




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