Moving to a New House? Here is How to Avoid Stress!

Moving to a new house is an overwhelming experience. With all the excitement of a new place comes a lot of stress too. The moving process is quite long and daunting and feeling stressed during such a transition is obvious. The stress of moving is considered to be equivalent to the stress of going through divorce and breakup. But as moving a house needs a lot of planning and patience, one doesn’t afford to be stressed.

The experts listed on suggest that you have to be very careful and active during the whole moving process to make it a success. Consider moving as an experience and not a worrying event, it will help you in reducing your stress.

Try to look at the bright side of moving for example, instead of thinking about the stress, take it as the beginning of a new and positive phase of life. It is not like that moving is a very happy or gloomy experience but it is not so bad either. It depends on how to take it. 

However, by following the tips and tricks given below, you can avoid and reduce the level of stress and can have an easy move:


The first and foremost step that is needed to be taken is to accept the change and the stress coming with it. Don’t expect your move to be a very gloomy and easy event. Acceptance is the best way to overcome moving stress. Stress is natural when you are doing something big and moving is a big event in one’s life.

Plan and Execute

Planning is the key to avoid stress. Make a plan for each task of your moving procedure and stick to your plan. Execute every task well in time. But don’t get panic about a small change or delay in things. Write down each task and execute it accordingly. The most important factor in planning a move is to have enough time in hand to execute all the moving tasks. Decide how much time you have and plan accordingly.


Decluttering is a very important step in moving, you can consider your move as an opportunity to declutter your stuff to have a wave of positive energy and to get rid of all the unnecessary trash. Clutter in a house creates unwanted stress and brings in negative energy. So make decluttering an essential task in your moving process list.

Start by going through your house. Sort every part of your house and go through each belonging. Take out anything and everything that you have not used in a while that may include outsized clothes, broken and old fashioned kitchenware, and even useless furniture. Consider donating and/or selling all of the clutter that you have gathered in years. Organize a garage sale before you move and earn some cash. You can even earn some goodwill by donating your extra stuff.

Categorize your sorted out stuff into three parts including sell, donate and toss. The process of decluttering your stuff will reduce a lot of stress as it will reduce the number of items to be moved and you will be left with the essentials only. Decluttering will also be helpful in your packing as your stuff will already be sorted to pack.

Ask for Help

Don’t do everything alone. Ask your family and close friends for help. You can take different time-slots from your friends as per their convenience and go by your moving timeline. Divide different chores between different groups of friends. Your friends can help you with packing, loading, unloading, and organizing at your new place if it is a total DIY move. You can also hire a professional moving company for some tiring and tedious tasks. But don’t forget to treat your family and friends at the end of your moving process.

Stay Organized

Being organized is very important when it comes to the success of a moving process. Proper organization is the basic key to a stress-free move. Pack your things properly, mark and label them according to their placements, do all the required paperwork well in advance, change your address at all the required places, apply for all your utilities well before your move, and inform your family and friends about your move.

Take Proper Rest

As they say that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body, rest enough to have a healthy body and mind. Don’t skip your sleep and meals. Don’t overdo, do things in small parts. Start early to avoid any hustle at the last minute. Eat healthy meals at the proper time. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. These are very small things that we tend to ignore and end up feeling drained.

Hire Professionals

The last but most important point is to hire professionals if you don’t have time and/or energy to handle a DIY move. Don’t over-stress yourself by opting for a DIY move if you are a working professional and do not have time to do all the knick-knacks yourself.

This guide to eliminate stress from the moving process will help you have a great experience while moving to your new house. So, follow the rules and enjoy a wonderful start f life at your new home.

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