Improper lifestyle, untreated stress, and faulty eating habits, can soon make those envious curls and tresses a far cry. Well groomed tresses and curls enhance your personality and if you do not take adequate time to groom your hair, soon you will have to press that panic button over a situation that is being faced by innumerable individuals, wherein they spend sleepless nights pondering over as to how they can get their beautiful tresses and curls back. But before it is too late and things spiral out of your control, here are a few simple tips that you can follow so that you can prevent hair loss and be content with yourself as far as looks are concerned. So, let us check out these natural remedies to prevent hair loss.

  • Check your stress level – Stress is the biggest enemy and it leads to scalp problems. One remedy to overcome stress to a great extent is to get sleep for at least 8 hours. Practice Yoga and meditation and set aside at least 30 minutes daily for exercising. Exercise helps in boosting the ‘happy hormones’ that can help you to maintain a general feeling of well being.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals – Instead of stretching and rubbing with towel, try to air dry whenever possible or when necessary. Pulling, rubbing, and stretching will cause more harm because roots of the hair get irritated and this eventually leads to hair loss. Most importantly, using harsh chemicals can irritate the scalp. As such, it is best to use shampoo and conditioner that are mild and using the appropriate shampoo and conditioner will yield better results in the long run. Stay away from hairsprays and styling gel and avoid using them frequently. And if you can do without them it is better.
  • Natural treatment – Tea tree oil, baking soda, and apple cider vinegar are good for the scalp. In order to use baking soda, you will have to dust the powder in partings of your hair. You can make 2/3 sections and dust the baking soda in between hair strands. You can massage this into your scalp for some time and finally rinse it with water. Similarly, apple cider vinegar and water can be mixed in equal proportion and applied on your scalp to prevent dandruff and prevent hair loss in the process. Tea tree oil can be applied in a similar manner.
  • Treating itchy scalp – It is evident that having dandruff or scalp related problems will lead to itching in the scalp. But it is best not to scratch even if you have the tremendous need to. This will only worsen the problem. There are a number of home remedies that are easy to use and easily available. And it is quite likely that you will find the stuff right in your kitchen. These include Aloe Vera juice, Onion juice, Coconut oil, Greek yoghurt, Licorice root, Beetroot, Chinese hibiscus, Green tea, Olive oil, Cinnamon, Honey, Egg whites, and Lemon juice. Although applying few might be messy but it is worth all the pain and effort you put in. Massaging the scalp with the above natural products has been proved to be effective in treating scalp problems, thereby minimizing the chances of hair loss.


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