Niagara Falls – The Honeymooner’s Destination

There is a popular jingle that has been on television and radio advertisements for years. For those of you who have heard it, the sounds of music will return when you hear the words: “Niagara Falls, Ontario, it’s always a fun place to go! Seeing friends you miss. A great big kiss. Everyone loves…Marineland!”

Fortunately, for young and old alike, Niagara Falls has much to offer from the amusement of Marineland to the lights and sounds of Clifton Hill. Whether you visiting for a day or making a full vacation out of your trip, Niagara Falls has tonnes of attractions to make your time a memorable one.

Starting off with the falls themselves, Niagara Falls is one of the most picturesque places in the world. On average, the falls have 4 million cubic feet of water crossing over its edge every minute. The falls are the main attraction of this tourism hotspot and allow for adventures such as the Maid of the Mist tours and The Journey Behind the Falls.

Located only 26 km from Buffalo, NY and 69 km from Toronto, Ontario, Niagara Falls is cradled in a tourist’s haven.

While the site has been hailed as a Honeymooner’s destination for decades, it is also a fantastic town to travel to as a family. Some attractions that will appeal to kids of all ages include:

  • Marineland is an amusement park with much more to offer than the typical funpark. Attractions include visits to see the killer whales, the chance to pet beluga whales, dolphin, walrus and sea lion shows, fish, deer, bears, and that’s just the animals. Marineland also has fun rides for the whole family. There are rides specifically for young children and rides for the daredevil in your family. Marineland’s Sky Screamer is the world’s highest triple tower ride boasting of launching riders 137.2 metres up and down travelling over 95 km/h.
  • The Skylon Tower is an attraction for those who enjoy picturesque scenery and a panoramic view. At 520 feet, the tower has the highest view of the falls and allows tourists to see sites as far as Toronto on a clear day. Go for the scenery or for a fabulous lunch or dinner experience.
  • The Birds of the Lost Kingdom is the world’s largest indoor aviary. Open year round, the two-time winner of Niagara’s Attraction of the Year Award, is home to over 400 birds in its 50,000 square foot tropical forest.
  • The Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory boasts of housing dozens of different kinds of butterflies in its 11,000 square foot facilities.
  • The IMAX Theatre Niagara has been awarded the Attraction of the Year award three times and allows you to experience the falls like you never thought possible. In good weather and bad, the IMAX experience is one that you won’t want to miss.
  • Journey Behind the Falls: If you don’t mind getting a little wet, the Journey Behind the Falls is an experience like no other. Travel 150 feet behind the Horseshoe Falls and see upclose for yourself the power of the falls.
  • Ripley’s Believe it or Not! is an attraction that cannot be missed. Located on the main strip of Clifton Hill, this attraction is interactive fun for the whole family. Just across the street is Ripley’s 4D theatre, an experience you have to see to believe.

For the 19 and older crowd, you don’t want to miss Casino Niagara. With over 120 gaming tables and boasting over 3000 slot machines, Casino Niagara will provide hours of entertainment. As well, for the more mature traveler or gardening enthusiast, the Botanical Gardens are certain to delight you. With 100 acres of beauty, the gardens are sure to appeal to your senses.

One hotspot that you must hit on your expedition is Reg’s Candy Kitchen. To cure your sweet tooth, Reg’s is located right on Clifton Hill. Experience some of the best fudge you will ever taste!

Now, you’ve heard of some of the great attractions, where will you sleep? That question is easy and quite difficult at the same time, as there are so many options to choose from. Accomodations range from comfortable and moderately priced hotels and motels, to something a little more upscale with a fallsview. Or why not enjoy the comfort of home, by staying in one of Niagara’s bed and breakfasts? Or maybe you are more of the outdoorsy-type, stay in one of Niagara’s family friendly campgrounds located only a short drive from the falls. Still not decided or looking for something a little different? Experience one of Niagara’s historic inns or stay with your family in a hotel complete with a waterpark and many other extensive features.

Dining is another adventure in Niagara Falls. Hungry for a succulent steak or scrumptous seafood? Try one of Niagara’s finest restaurants, The Beef Baron. Maybe you are looking for something familiar. Niagara has a host of restaurants both known and unknown to each traveler. Planet Hollywood, Hardrock Café, Applebee’s, Ruby Tuesdays, The Keg are all familiar restaurants that can be found near Clifton Hill. Or go and experience foods from around the world: Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Korean, British and other fine cuisines can be experienced any night of the week in Niagara.

With rentals available you can bike around town or through trails, or simply enjoy hiking past all of the beautiful scenery. Niagara Falls is a must-travel destination for every outdoor enthusiast, fun-seeker, or person simply looking to kick back and relax.

Go once. Go again. Niagara is such an enjoyable place that you will experience something new each time.



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