Online Businesses Aren’t Right For Everyone or Everything

Pretty much every industry you can think of has turned to the Internet to create another avenue of business for whatever it is they provide to their customers. Many physical locations are going out of business or already have because of the explosion of online marketing and commerce. It seems as if online business is taking over the world and pushing the traditional professionals off the scene.

Brokerage Firms

The world of brokerage companies is not an exception to what’s been going on in business. So, does that mean there’s no longer a place for in-person, full-service brokers in the financial industry? Absolutely not. Discount brokers are great. Only look at this Fisher Investments Review, for example, to see how helpful discount brokers can be with managing your financial assets. These particular brokers have been a game-changer since they launched back in 1979. But they’re not the end-all, be-all for every financial situation.

People who have a lot of liquid assets to manage need a relationship with a firm and a broker that they can trust. Many people or institutions that have high net worths hire brokerage firms to manage their wealth for them, so that they can reap the most benefits and still have the time they need to do what it is that makes them so wealthy. They need competent, intelligent beings, with reasoning abilities and knowledge, that will allow them to make the most out of all of their available assets.

Fisher Investments is one of the companies that does offer their services to those who have a high net worth. The company has been doing this since the late seventieths, and they’re still going strong. They’re trusted by so many wealthy people and establishments to manage their financial assets. The company has reportedly handled more than $100 billion in assets for some of the wealthiest clients in the nation.


Along the same lines, banking is an area of business that has largely taken advantage of the online world and all of the opportunities it makes for finding and keeping customers. Virtually all banks have some kind of presence online. Many that didn’t jump on board have pretty much gone out of business.

Does that mean that banks have to give up all of their brick-and-mortar branch locations though? No, it does not. There are plenty of people who like to be able to at least have access to a physical bank where they can walk in, and tell an actual person what they want to do. That being said though, if you’re a bank, and you haven’t developed a strong online banking site, then you’re probably on your way out. People these days want convenience. Online banking gives customers convenience and some of their time back.

So, do we think that the traditional bank buildings will be going away any time soon? No, not likely. But banks will have to make sure they’re keeping up with the technology that’s allowing people to do so much banking from wherever they are at that moment, if they want to solidify themselves in the new banking industry.


Grocery shopping has and is changing very rapidly as technology gets used to make every day tasks more convenient for the masses. It used to be that to get groceries, you had to actually go get groceries. You know, at a store, with your actual clothes on and away from your home. Now grocery shopping looks a lot different for many of us.

All you have to do is get your preferred device out, sit down on the couch, check off the things you want, process your payment and choose your delivery time. Then, at some designated time that you’ve chosen, your groceries show up at your door. But does that mean that grocery stores will cease to exist, and we will start ordering from a grocery warehouse for all of our nutrition needs?

No, that won’t happen. While it is a nice service to have as an option, most people who use it don’t do it for all of their grocery needs. Many users report that they like to go to the physical store themselves for specific items and still go for most of their full shopping trips. The online shopping option just lets them choose an option that saves them time when they don’t have enough of it.

Online Business Has Changed the World, But It’s Not Taking Over the World…Yet

Don’t count out physical business locations and their professionals yet. We’re a long way from not needing actual face-to-face business meetings and in-person transactions for all of the dealings we have in life. Research shows that brick-and-mortar businesses aren’t going anywhere at this time. Online businesses give us more flexibility in our schedules and are super convenient, but physical businesses with real human professionals give us the personal interaction that we need as people. We still need the physical professional businesses, we just like to have options is all.

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