Organic Dog Food – Feeding a Healthier Diet

‘Organic’ is a common term in our modern society that is often thrown around yet few people understand exactly what it means. Many people feel it is similar to ‘natural’ or even ‘fresh’ and yet nothing can be father from the truth. What does the green USDA stamp of certified organic mean to you and more importantly, your dog?

What does the ‘Organic’ Label Mean?

Organic certification varies from place to place and jurisdiction to jurisdiction but the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) definition is a general and complete guideline to use as a reference. Certified USDA organic foods, whether produced in the US or imported, are assured to be free of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, irradiation and bioengineering. Along with being free of toxins, organic farms and farmers must also adhere to good soil and water conservation practices and follow guidelines on the humane treatment of animals.

Who’s to say whether a farmer is adhering to these strict criteria? Private and state agencies inspectors organic farms for adherence and can expect up to a $10,000 fine if a product is found not to meet USDA standards. With these new rules in place, consumer trust in organic certified products has increased, along with the annual sales of organic foods.

What is Organic Dog Food?

Organic dog food is not new – what do you think dogs ate as recent as a century ago? Yet the general public has had a difficult time embracing the need to feed their pet organic dog food, even with a marked increase in food related conditions and food based allergies.

Organic dog food is food made from organic products with an eye on sustainable and humane farming practices. Although the USDA is quick to point out there is no conclusive evidence that organic ingredients are ‘healthier’, or more nutritious, then conventional ingredients, does it not make sense that food free of hormones, antibiotics and pesticides would be a better option for your four-legged family member?

The Five Top Reasons to Feed your Pet Organic Dog Food

  1. A Healthy Weight and More Energy – Are the toxins and impurities blocking the absorption of nutrients? Are fillers causing your dog to overeat because of a lack of nutrients? No one knows but whether it is the ‘purer’ nutrition or the lack of fillers, dogs that are regularly fed organic food eat less, tend to have more energy, and maintain a better weight without starvation diets or exercising all day!
  2. Healthier Skin, Ears & Feet – Does your dog itch and scratch at their ears and skin? Does he suck on his paws until they are red and swollen? Does he have a pungent smell and produce more natural oils then other dogs of the same breed? Your dog may suffer from a food allergy and by switching from a high filler food to an organic kibble you can often treat the problem holistically without any fuss or extra trips to the vet!
  3. A Healthier Digestive System – What would your digestive system do if you lived on low fiber, poorly balanced, and overly processed junk food your entire life? Guess how the average dog feels on the typical low nutrient, high filler content and overly processed food commercial food? Now what if you pet is prone to various attacks of the gastrointestinal system? Diarrhea? Constipation? Vomiting? Gas? The ‘rumbles’? Feeding a nutritionally available organic diet can help decrease, if not eliminate, digestive discomforts entirely in healthy dogs. For dogs with a compromised digestive system caused by Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s, or colitis, an organic diet can help relieve symptoms and increase your pet’s quality of life. Add to that whole grains high in fiber such as oats, barley or legumes along with wholesome meats and suddenly your unhappy pup has a new lease on life!
  4. Healthier Companion with a Stronger Immune System – You are what you eat and so are your pets! Balanced and available nutrition means a healthier pet with a stronger immune system better able to fight off viruses, bacteria, parasites, and all the other problems an unhealthy pet can develop. A final bonus? Healthy dog means no more bad breath!
  5. A Longer, Healthier & Happier Life – A long life is not enough – it also has to be a happy and healthy one! Dogs fed a nutritionally complete, organic dog food free of pesticides, hormones and antibiotics not only live longer: they live better. A healthy, shiny coat, better body weight, increased exercise tolerance, a well-functioning immune system, and a strong immune system all leave your pet in top condition to live a long, full life.

Organic dog food provides your pet with available nutrition free of toxins and formulated for their optimum health. Don’t you think its time to make the switch?



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