Owning a Cat – Costs, Training and Things to Think About

Owning a cat is simply one of life’s better pleasures. Cats are unique creature with highly distinctive tastes and personalities. Studies show that cats are an excellent stress manager, blood pressure reducer, and generally good entertainment and source of companionship. With their relative independent nature, cats make very good pets for people who prefer the subtle company over that of the bounding company of a dog. Despite the common notion that cats are less of a responsibility than dogs, cats are still a life that requires care, making them just as much of a responsibility as any other animal.

True, cats don’t generally need to be walked in the rain, taken to obedience classes, or kenneled for a weekend away, they are still in need of constant care and vigilant ownership. The least responsible thing a person can do with a cat is allow their feline friend outside, un-neutered and un-spayed, to go off and produce more kittens. If you’re going to get a cat, the cat should be sterilized. This isn’t because people shouldn’t witness the miracle of birth or revel in new life or even wonder at the preciousness of kittens that are created by such a fantastic kitten. It’s because nearly 2 million unwanted cats and kittens are euthanized every year. There is no responsible reason to add to the number. If you find homes for all of your kittens, that’s an entire litter that remains at a shelter waiting euthanasia. Pretty sickening statistics, especially when it costs about $100 or less to get your cat spayed or neutered.

Despite the statistics, cats are rapidly becoming more prevalent in today’s society. Cat lovers have found places for their cats at work, at play, and definitely at home. Once thought of as homebodies, cats are now accompanying their owners to a multitude of life’s events. They are extremely adaptable and often welcome their new challenges, provided there is a competent owner near by to oversee the entire prospect.

The care free attitude that a cat can take care of himself is finally slowly starting to dwindle in the United States. Even just ten years ago, the number of un-inoculated barn cats, street cats, and outdoor cats was unreasonably high. The number of cats not receiving medical care when necessary was just as high. People had cats to help take care of rodent problems, but didn’t repay their servitude with the basics of regular shots and veterinary care. The numbers of cases as such are now dropping, but the situation still remains. There is a re-education of American cat collectors in full swing, bringing this crisis into full view for many new found cat lovers.

While it may be an obvious statement but it bears stating, cats are not dogs, and can’t be treated in the same manner. Humans who are particularly used to their interactions with dogs often find themselves confused when their cats respond with such aloofness and nonchalant attitudes when they attempt to create the same standards with a cat. Dogs require leadership. Cats require a high level of thought when it comes to training, discipline, and even sometimes interactions. Cats think differently than dogs, and to truly enjoy a cat in your life, you do need to have at least some understanding of how and why they do the things they do.

Cats can be trained. Well trained, in fact. And while they can often be bribed into a favor or two using treats, training a cat requires diligence, persistence, and most definitely patience. Cats often have a mind of their own, regardless of their human’s opinion. But then again, that is why we love them the way that we do, isn’t it?

Of you’re considering entering the world of owning a cat, take a moment and ask yourself what it is that you are expecting from the experience. Many would be cat owners realize all too late that their passion for cats is spawned mostly by myth. There are ample myths related to cats, their personality, and their habits. Cats haven’t always gotten a fair shake. Their behavior is often more of a response to their humans’ behavior than something ingrained in them. If you leave your cat alone most of the time, and don’t relate to him, he’s going to become rather aloof. If you spend the time to get to know him, play with him, and pat attention to his needs as well, he’s going to make a much better companion for you.

Nobody can deny the absolute delight that a friendly cat can bring into the lives of humans. Their antics are one of kind hysterical, complete with showy behavior that can drive a room full of adults into mind splitting laughter. In the right mood, cats can be quite the entertainers.

Owning a cat is like owning a chronic surprise in your back pocket. Dogs are predictable. When you come home, they will wag their tail. When you go get their ball, they will bounce with anticipation. Cats on the other hand, are continuously responding to any given moment with a wide variety of antics, moods, attitudes, and of course, whimsical anecdotal behaviors that permanently endear them to our hearts. Those who truly believe in cats and cat ownership as a way of life find that without understanding their behaviors, human are robbed of something primal within themselves.



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