Paint Colors for a Boy’s Room

Send the boy in your life on an adventure every time he enters his bedroom. Selecting paint colors for a boy’s room is not just about the wall color. It is about choosing a theme and building on that theme to create a bedroom that is stimulating and fun. Since most of the house is adult oriented, give your boy a room that is especially for him. Let your imagination-and his-run wil

Basing the paint color on a theme is a great place to start. What are his interests, hobbies or favorite activities? Does he like astrology, dinosaurs or sports? Choose a base color for the walls such as blue for astrology or green for dinosaurs. From there, create murals or add wallpaper borders to enhance the theme. Start with a themed border and pull a color from there for the walls.

If he likes to swim, paint the walls like a turquoise sea and add colors of vibrant sea life in accents throughout the room. If your boy likes sports, let the colors of his favorite team play center field on his walls. There are endless themes that can be applied to boys’ rooms. Bring him into the decision. Find out what he wants and adapt from there. If he’s old enough, hand him a paintbrush and let him be a part of the process. Make it an adventure for you and him.

Colors for children’s rooms no longer adhere to blue for boys and pink for girls. Blue is still a popular color in boys’ rooms but there are so many other options for color. Today’s trends speak of the bright colors of fruit, such as lemon yellow, lime green and apple red. You may want to use these colors in moderation, such as an accent wall.

If he’s old enough, have the boy select the color or theme. If he’s not quite old enough to decide on a color, show him familiar objects and let him pick his favorite. For example, show him a rainbow or a few selections from a box of Crayons. Have the boy pick his favorite toy and use that as a color inspiration. If he has a collection, such as trains or even stamps, let this lead the way for an inspiring color selection.

For teenage boys, a neutral color may be more his style. Neutral colors are versatile and will carry him through his teenage years without seeming too youthful. Colors such as beige, taupe, gray or even certain shades of blue or green provide a background that allows you to change the other elements in a room as your boy grows up. But don’t stop there. Create visual interest with a mural, which is much more attractive than posters pinned to the wall.

Many people believe that color affects mood. In this case, you will need to be aware of the psychological associations of certain colors. For example, blue is known for its calming properties. Green is restful yet refreshing for its connotation of nature. Red is believed to raise blood pressure and heart rate, which could result in your boy being a little hyperactive. Yellow is a happy, stimulating color. But the wrong shade can over-energize, perhaps making it difficult for your boy to calm down. If you choose a color that influences hyperactivity or other undesirable behavior, using it in moderation is generally the best solution.

There are a few practical factors to keep in mind when choosing paint colors for a boy’s room. Choose paints that are washable to enable easy clean-up of those dirty smudges and handprints made by the active boy. You may even consider darker colors, as they do not show dirt as much. An eggshell or semi-gloss finish makes for smoother wiping. Most paints available today are safe for use in children’s rooms. There is no longer the worry about lead content and toxic fumes with latex paints.

Want to get really creative? Apply specialty paints and watch him have fun. There are some really innovative paint formulas on the market now. There is glow in the dark paint, which is great for creating galaxies and star systems on the ceiling. Your boy will enjoy lying in bed at night, gazing at the stars. Glitter paint is another great choice for ceilings, creating a dazzling display especially in lamplight. Metallic paint can really be interesting when used within a themed boy’s room. Paint his walls silver to create a spaceship interior and paint the ceiling with stars. Imagine his delight when it’s time to turn off the lights!

Want to let a boy show his magnetism? Paint the walls with a magnetic paint. This innovative new product is a water-based primer that turns surfaces into magnets. Apply in several coats for increased magnetism. The paint is non-toxic and lead-free. It can be used on walls and wood, so you can even paint the closet doors and trim with this primer. Once you’ve applied 2-3 coats of the magnetic primer, paint the walls the color you’ve selected. Your boy will be able to affix notes or favorite photos to the walls with magnets.

Is your boy a budding artist? Try chalkboard paint. Mostly available in only black or green, there are now a few manufacturers that offer custom tinting. However, the color options are limited. Chalkboard paint is an easily cleaned water-based paint that actually makes any wall or other smooth surface a chalkboard. Let your boy express himself by applying this on part of a wall and construct a border with wood trim. Or if you’re really game, apply chalkboard paint to the entire room and set free the Picasso in your boy.

With a little imagination, selecting paint colors for a boy’s room can be an adventure. With your boy’s input and your know-how, you can create a bedroom that will be interesting, fun and completely unique to him. He can escape to his room and sail the high seas or take a space shuttle to explore the universe. Your boy can illustrate his artistic side or travel back to prehistoric times and roam with dinosaurs. The options are endless. It may even be easier getting him to bed!



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