The Pet Friendly House

The Pet Friendly House Project involves constructing and designing a home for the needs and comforts of the pet-owning family as well as their pets. Through this process we intend to raise awareness and funds for several great causes that are important to us.

Creating The Pet Friendly House will be a lot of fun, however we also have a purpose. Once the house is is completed, it will be opened to the media and public and then sold. All profits from the sale of the house will be donated to 4 worthy causes… more

To create a house that will make living with pets easier and more enjoyable for the modern family. Products, features and services will be showcased from the planning and building stages of the home all the way through to completion…

The Pet Friendly House will open to the public and media for one month as a show home. During this time all will be invited to experience several entertaining and interactive events for the whole family!


The Ultimate Durability Test – This test is fit for reality television!

We will intentionally get this brand new home dirty. A dozen dogs will be taken to the river and allowed to get filthy. We will then bring them back and, encouraged by tennis balls, let them have some fun in this brand new home. We intend to prove that the floors, walls and furnishings can stand it, and no stain is too tough!

  • Chefs Brought In To Cook for the Dog
  • Ultimate Doogie Shower
  • Did you know this house will contain a beautiful 275 gallon aquarium
  • Amazing Giveaways – A lot of generous companies in the pet and home verticals have offered products/services for the project… this means we will have a pile of things to give away
  • Charities

We are excited to give back to some of the wonderful people and organizations who we believe have given and done so much for others.

100% of all proceeds from the Pet Friendly House project will be donated equally amongst our selected charities…

This project would not be possible without the remarkable care and support of the Kidney Foundation. Their organ donor program saves and enriches many lives, including the one of David Beart, Founder and President of and the Pet Friendly House Project. David received a kidney transplant at the Foothills Hospital on April 7th, 2010 thanks to a donation from his wonderful sister.

AARCS | Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society

In Alberta, thousands of cats and dogs are homeless, abandoned, abused or living in horrendous conditions. We work closely with rural and First Nations communities where there is limited to no animal services. In 2015, AARCS took in over 2,000 cats and dogs. We cared for them by providing medical care, spaying/neutering, vaccinating and then found their forever families. AARCS also has assistance programs such as Spay/Neuter, TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) for Cats and Emergency Medical Assistance.

Behind the Smile

Behind The Smile was started after Zane Wootton was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), as a way for his Mom to share her journey and also help educate other single Mom’s and families who’s children share the same disorder. Our donation will contribute to Zane’s therapies and materials, a lot of which are above and beyond the funding that is available.

Our Goal is to raise $50,000 for Charities


We are happy to say that 125 pet product manufactures from 11 countries have committed to supplying pet products for the project; another 17 magazines will cover it…. and we haven’t even started yet!!!

The Show Home

The world’s first Pet Friendly House will be custom built home, designed, created and decorated in the Calgary area. This 2400 SFT 4 bedroom executive home marries traditional elements with custom features designed to make this project a success!

Construction commences in 2017!

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