Pet Insurance for Your Dog – Covering Medical Expenses

It is quite difficult to attach a price to the joy and companionship that dog ownership brings. Unfortunately, each year pet owners find themselves in that exact position. Too often, a broken bone or diagnosis of cancer can mean euthanasia for a dog, because the owner cannot afford the expensive treatment. As veterinary medicine advances, more complicated, costly procedures are available for pets. You can avoid having to make that terrible decision as to just how much you are willing to spend to save your pet by purchasing pet insurance for your dog.

Pet insurance is becoming increasingly common for owners who want the peace of mind that their dog will be cared for even under the worst of circumstances. If you are struggling to pay your own bills, think about what an untimely puppy illness will do to your finances. While a small monthly premium may be easily budgeted for, a two-thousand dollar veterinary bill will not be. If you are a dog owner who would chose to pay any amount to save your pet instead of opting for euthanasia, pet insurance for your dog may be the best option.

Most pet insurance plans cover accidents and illnesses, and pay for x-rays, surgeries, treatments, and laboratory fees. In the case that your dog is diagnosed with cancer, the insurance will cover treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation. Exclusions include behavior therapy, pregnancy, and elective procedures. Expect to get what you pay for, as more comprehensive plans will usually have higher premiums. Also, pre-existing conditions or hereditary problems, like hip dysplasia in German Shepherds and Retrievers, may not be covered. Just like human health insurance, each plan has deductibles, co-pays, and annual or lifetime limits. Finding the best plan for you and your dog will take some careful thought, so be sure to comparison shop for the most appropriate coverage, and best prices.

To make a pet insurance claim, most pet insurance companies require you to fill out a claim form. Some can be submitted online, others via mail or fax. The insurance company will either reimburse your expenses, or pay the vet directly. Typical plans will reimburse eighty to ninety percent of incurred veterinary bills for covered treatments.

Pet accidents and illnesses can be very scary for pet and owner alike. If you own a dog, you should prepare yourself for what can, and often will, happen during the life of your animal. While pet insurance for your dog may provide peace of mind, it is not necessary in every circumstance. If you can dedicate a certain portion of your savings account to ‘pet emergencies,’ then you probably do not need an insurance policy. If, however, you cannot imagine how on earth you would come up with a thousand dollars or more to cover an unexpected trip to the vet, you should seriously consider pet insurance. As a dog owner, it is up to you to ensure that your canine friend’s needs are carefully considered, and that every precaution is taken to guarantee the best life for your dog.



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