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Physical Signs that You Need a Vacation or Break

Regardless of what your day to day life looks like compared to others, you probably have run into the metaphorical wall that signals a break is needed. These usually come after some mental signs that have been pushed aside and should be taken seriously for your health. Embracing a break or vacation can be incredibly beneficial for your emotional, mental, and physical health. These are a few signs that a break should be in your near future.

Sleeplessness and Fatigue

The irony of sleeplessness and fatigue is that you probably find yourself tired put aren’t able to get the sleep you need. Without proper sleep at night to recuperate from the day’s events, the fatigue you experience can put you in dangerous situations when you’re meant to be awake, like if you’re driving. You’re likely extremely stressed by something you’re going through. Ask yourself the following questions to help pinpoint the cause.

  • Am I always thinking about work when trying to sleep?
  • Is part of my routine keeping me from falling asleep when I need to?
  • Do I feel unsafe where I’m sleeping?
  • Is physical pain causing me to lose sleep?
  • What change can be made to help me sleep peacefully?

For example, if you live somewhere that you don’t feel safe, your subconscious may keep you from sleeping in case something may happen to you. Maybe you live in an area of Boston with a higher crime rate that you thought you could overlook. That stress of constant fear can be mentally and physically draining, so it’s probably time to take a break and look through other Boston condos for sale in a safer neighborhood.

Body Aches

Whether it’s a headache or stomach ache, these can be signs you need to schedule your next vacation, especially if they are not aches that you experience commonly. Being stressed by something too much can result in the onset of a headache. When the actual cause of them isn’t treated, they can lead to chronic headaches or migraines.

Stomach aches are another symptom that can occur during high levels of stress. This can be caused by a difference in what you’re eating and the nutrition you’re getting. Stomach aches can be a sign of digestion problems, like irritable bowel syndrome, which can also develop when high-stress situations are occurring.

Chest pains can be caused by anything from asthma to serious cardiac problems. If you’ve never experienced chest pain before, it’s good to get checked out and take some time for rest and relaxation. If you’re familiar with certain types of chest pain, like acid reflux, and you are experiencing a new kind of pain, that’s another sign to get checked out.

Weight Gain

If you’ve noticed that you’ve gained unwanted weight, reflect to see if you’ve neglected your own self-care. When times get stressful or busy, some may tend to drop their personal routine to get the job done. This might mean more trips to fast food restaurants for quick meals rather than cooking at home, skipping sessions at the gym, and the fatigue mentioned earlier. All of these are contributors to weight gain.

Instead of scheduling more meetings,  schedule some “me time.” Reboot your routine to get back on track to self-care. After you’ve recharged, face the situation and see what needs to change long-term to avoid unwanted weight gain in the future. For example, talk with your supervisor about how your responsibilities can be handled more effectively, so they don’t require more time that takes away from maintaining your health.

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