Planning a Kitchen Makeover? Use These 6 Design Tips For Best Results

Have you thought about what your kitchen really needs, but are unsure of how to make it happen?

Do you have an idea, and want to make sure it is practical?

Well, these tips are definitely helpful to keep in mind. Here you will find six useful kitchen design tips that will help you as you modify your kitchen.

So, let’s get started.

1. Ensure That The New Design Focuses On Functionality

Designing a new kitchen can be fun, though in the long run, a streamlined cooking experience is key.

For example, if your food prep area is currently too far from the shelves or spices, this is the time to change that.

Similarly, this can be an opportunity to change your large appliances, such as ovens or refrigerators.

An ideal kitchen will flow with your lifestyle, providing a comfortable environment, and a satisfying workspace.

So, keep this in mind when planning your new kitchen. Functionality should be the priority before you dive into the artistic details.

You can also use the concept of a kitchen work triangle to boost functionality.

2. Don’t Forget Storage

Storage is a major part of renovating a kitchen. Some times, the excitement of aesthetics can overshadow the need for ample storage space. 

Don’t do that! This is also part of the functionality. If you don’t have enough storage, it’s easy for the beauty of the kitchen to be lost under all the extra items.

So, keep it a priority.

3. Choose The Right Colors

Picking the right color scheme can be a difficult decision.

Consider the fact that the lightest shades may not be the best fit for your kitchen. Even if you have a smart ventilation system installed, some amount of residue can still accumulate over the light color.

So plan on a color scheme that’s not too light and gels well with the overall aesthetics as well.

4. Pay Attention to Ventilation

The kitchen is where we prepare and cook our food. The fumes made from this process can be unpleasant if they linger. If not properly ventilated, they will stick to surfaces and can leave residue behind.

Properly positioning windows, installing a vent apparatus, and placing ceiling fans all can greatly impact airflow through your kitchen. They also can be great aesthetic features if as well.

Make ventilation a priority, it greatly impacts your day to day usage.

5. Lighting Should Be ‘Spot On’

The only way to properly enjoy your kitchen, is to see it in the perfect lighting.If you have a luxurious kitchen, but can only see it in poor lighting, then what’s the point?

The right mix of ambient and direct lighting can frame the beauty of your kitchen’s design. 

This can change throughout the day, so it is good to have multiple light options, including several on dimmer switches. This ensures that your mood can be matched by your soon to be favorite room.

Finding the right levels can be easier with a smart light system, like the one offered by Studio Haus Inc. Having one set up by professionals can make an immense difference in how you see your kitchen every day. 

It’ll light up the right areas of your kitchen, aiding the cooking process and adapting as needed,

6. Plumbing Consideration Is Important

Sewage and plumbing can be common problems in kitchens. And if the issues are not managed quickly, they can lead to further problems through the home.

When planning out your renovation, make sure that any potential plumbing problems will be contained to one area as much as possible. This could prevent having a wall knocked down, floors pulled up, or other property damage. Having easier access to your pipes can help out the plumbing team when they arrive.

Final words

These tips can improve your plans, understanding, and ideas for your kitchen. 

We hope that this post has provided you with insight, and excitement for your beautiful new cooking space!

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