Planning Her Last Party Before Your Friend Gets Hitched

Your friend made the announcement months ago but now that the date is getting closer everyone is getting butterflies in their stomachs. It isn’t just her life that is going to be changing forever as the very nature of your relationship is also going to be altered. If you are the one who has been tasked with organizing your friend’s bachelorette party then you have to do it justice. This is not a time to cut corners or err on the side of caution. Next up, get some tips on how to throw your close friend a bachelorette party that is sure to be one for the ages.

Selecting a Great Venue for a Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties can be small intimate affairs hosted at private residences or they can be held in formal venues so that scores of friends can come out and party one last time. Regardless of the type of setting your friend’s bachelorette party is to be held in, you need to consider only a handful of factors. First, the venue has to be appropriate for the type of entertainment you have in mind. There could be a DJ or a jukebox, tabletop boardgames or human Twister, a female impersonator or a buff male dancer. In addition to having room to set up refreshments and snacks, there should also be space for everyone to mingle, play games, dance, and socialize.

Decorations and Expectations

A big part of the fun that comes with organizing a bachelorette party is planning how it will be decorated. Indeed, party supplies are an important part because you want the experience to be unique. You can bet that at least some guests attending your friend’s bachelorette party have been to others and that they have seen some eye-popping party favors before. This is the one time that you get to pick out party supplies that are more on the risqué side simply because of the theme involved. So, think of all the inappropriate jokes your friend may have told you over the years and prepare to be inspired to pull out all the stops. Be sure to get your friend a tiara and perhaps a sash that goes with the theme of the party and also makes her feel special.

Creating a Guest List and Checking It Twice

Putting everything together for a bachelorette party is a load of fun but there are also serious components. First and foremost, there needs to be a set list for guests. The people in attendance need to be the bride-to-be’s closest friends and confidantes. In some cases, relatives and even the mother of the bride are also invited to their bachelorette parties. Selecting the right group of friends will not only keep feelings from being hurt; it helps to avoid drama from being stirred up. So, either let the bride-to-be check your guest list before doing any other planning or have someone else that is close to her give their approval. Making a guest list is even more crucial if you will be traveling to a different area for the bachelorette party as transportation, hotel costs, and other reservations can be expensive.

Your friend is soon to get married and you want her last celebration as a single woman to be ultra special. If you do your job correctly then you and your friends are going to be creating a lot of wild and embarrassing memories together. Only the most thoughtful and highly regarded of friends are selected to be in charge of their loved one’s bachelorette parties, so consider this an honor. Get things right by making a good guest list, ordering up those party decorations, choosing great entertainment and booking the perfect venue.

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