Planning to Redecorate? Essential Furniture You Should Have

Seeing as 2020 has put most of our travel dreams on hold, it could signify that it’s time for a change. Where better to begin than in your own home? Since we are all spending so much time in the house these days, it is the ideal time to think about how to decorate your home. A home with up-to-date interiors will inevitably increase in value and make you more comfortable and content in your surroundings.

Is your couch a hand-me-down from a long lost relative? Does your home appear dark and gloomy?  If walking into a room doesn’t bring you a flutter of joy, then it might be time to redecorate. Even a small decorating change can be useful for your overall well being and a sense of purpose. As we age, the look and function of our furniture need to keep up. The futon from university won’t sit well in a professional’s formal sitting room anymore, nor will the overstuffed La-Z-Boy recliner from the 1980s. We’ve included some essential furniture that you should have in your redecorating plan.

Ask your friends

You may not be able to swing the expense of an interior designer, but your friends likely have similar style preferences to yourself. Get their opinion on what pieces of furniture you shouldn’t part with and which are ready to be passed along. Once you know your starting point, it will be easier to pinpoint which pieces of new furniture you should invest in.

Start big

Depending on the room you have chosen as your starting point for redecorating, consider the crucial piece of furniture for that space. This would undoubtedly be a sofa in a living room, and in the bedroom, it would be the bed itself. If you have chosen to keep the main piece of furniture from your original pieces, work your way down to the next most significant focal piece. Consider the furniture’s functionality and comfort, and try to keep it neutral. It’s always easier and more economical to update a look with soft furnishings like pillows and throws than buying a new sofa bed every few years.

Storage and Shelves

Storage is essential in every room, and while you may think that you have enough, you will always inevitably need more as the years progress. The wine cabinet might be the perfect example of this analogy. Ideally, try to find unique storage options that will showcase your personal collections, whether this is a proliferation of books, family photos, or knick knacks from your worldly travels. Intentionally displaying your processions will immediately make your home more orderly.

If you plan to redecorate, take a step back, and take the time to plan your attack. Mapping your space, purging your old furniture, and considering your color palette are all critical to the final look. Then you can go out and splurge on a new couch and ample storage to show it all off.

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