Playing Games: Is Your Partner Intentionally Trying to Invoke Jealousy in You?

A relationship has many levels, and each one requires a lot of personal growth. When your partner uses jealousy as a weapon, it interrupts the delicate balance you’ve created. A relationship takes two, so you should never be the one putting in all of the effort.


Trust is the difference between reliable communication or a sit down with family lawyers Melbourne. When a partner calls lawyers to correct relationship problems, it is usually after the trust has eroded. When someone is trying to invoke jealousy in you, their trust is already deteriorating. While it may seem like a sudden lapse in judgement, lack of trust is something that doesn’t always build to a conclusion. Sometimes you just get an untrustworthy partner, and their true colors don’t surface until there is desperation. And sometimes a specific event in your relationship causes the other person to lose trust in you. No matter how it happens, jealousy should never be the weapon used to set things right.


It’s subtle, but the paranoia will be one of the first cracks in a relationship. From that point, pay close attention to how your partner acts inside and outside of the home. Are they ignoring your calls and texts and acting like it isn’t a big deal? Are they inappropriately flirting in public? Are they denying physical touch to you while constantly touching others? On its own, it doesn’t seem like much, but the answer is in the details. If you try to communicate your displeasure with these acts and they brush it off, then there are now two paranoid people in a relationship instead of one.


One of the most disturbing traits of a partner that invokes jealousy is their ability to laugh at confrontation. This usually happens when you notice the signs that they are trying to make you jealous. Whether it is a denial or admittance, their cavalier attitude about the situation should put you on edge. They consider it a game rather than real life, even if its effects will last for years. Accusations only embolden the other partner, as it shows that their master plan is working.


Using jealousy as a weapon is a clear sign of abuse in a relationship. Every situation is different, but there are a couple of things that point to a partner trying to make you angry. Don’t tiptoe around the subject matter and make things worse. If you feel that jealousy is being used as a weapon, confront your partner and have a heart to heart about it. How they react to the conversation will tell you more than whatever answer they decide to give. Use that as a starting point to delve deeper into your relationship, and then make a healthy decision that is fair for both sides.

Don’t Live on The Edge

Mental abuse is a real thing, but unfortunately, it is ignored by the victim. Stand up for yourself and make a decision before things get too complicated. It’s never too late to leave, and there will always be a way to land on your feet.




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